Loud Neighbors

munar2000October 18, 2009

I need help...Someone please give me some advise. I have a neighbor that has been loud over the years with their music. The music is loud enough to carry to all the apartments and I am the only person who has been complaining over the years. I have tried everything from calling the police, to even giving them a dose of their own medicine by making my music loud too when they make their music loud. At first the apt.manager has continuously told the tenants to always lower their music when requested by me. I have even written the property owners and they gave the loud tenants a warning.

They have been quiet for awhile until recently.

They have started again by making their music loud, but now on a daily basis. Today I complained to the apartment manager, but she ignored me and did not tell them to lower their music. The noisy people have new neighbors right beside them, and they too complained but the apt. manager did not tell them to lower their music. This is ridiculous...someone please advise me what to do...This is a hard one because we have a slum lord manager who does not really have strict rules and cannot do their job. I have even complained to the property owners about the mangers....HELP

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Have you called the police? Your only other choice is to find a way to re-locate

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