Anyone know where/when this copper was made?

mahatmacat1March 29, 2012

I'm curious...I have seen something like this in my favorite thrift shop and I'm wondering where/when it's from. Don't want to buy it until I know--my new rule, times being what they are... Anyway, the one I've seen has a wrought iron handle rather than the two side handles, but otherwise it's so similar, much more like this one below than it is like anything else I've seen online.

TIA if anyone can help me. Is this a recent badly made thing?

Here is a link that might be useful: like the thing in the shop

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Is the piece you see dovetailed construction? Same size?
It's a way to say for sure from where...if the price is right and you like it.

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Hey Linda, so nice to see you : ) Thanks for your reply. Yes, it's dovetailed, with brass solder or whatever the word is. But it's rough dovetailing, not really delicate like other pieces I've seen. I appreciate your taking a second to look.

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is it $5 or under? Will you be hungry next week if you buy it?

If you don't buy this stuff, think what you will have a good eye for "good junk".

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I've never seen a dovetailed one (until now, I didn't know that word applied to anything but wood). You also have a thrift store that someone with good taste donates to!

Ny new rule is, if I don't end up wanting to keep it, how hard will it be to get rid of it?

If it's metal and cheap enough, you can put it in the blue box curbside, and it's just like buying a latte - bought and gone. Or, donate it back to the store :-)

Karin L

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Quite true, Karin & Linda. I was just hoping to learn but Ill just go with my instincts and hope I find out something about it in a reasonable amount of time, or out it goes like a latte cup : )

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For what it's worth, I have two of those - one larger, one smaller - that I bought at Garden Ridge maybe 20 years ago for well under $20. I think they were 'Made in Turkey', and definitely mass produced.

Decorative but not valuable --

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Yes I have some copper pieces with dovetail,did you know they get copper from a mine?I didnt I didnt really know where it came from.I heard yesterday on tv I think peru a couple ofmen are trapped in a copper mine,I have lots copper I really like it,Pots hanging in my old kitchen,sitting here and there Buy It ,youll wish you did later.

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There are copper mines in Michigan and Arizona, Montana, Utah and well as in Peru, Chili and Columbia, India, Spain and even Canada.
And do you know where silver and gold come from? And aluminum and tin?...Yep....mines!

Fly, I hope you bought the "thing".

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Who has time to sit and look up answers to EVERYONES questions on here I sure dont,Im lucky if I make it on here daily,yes I know where silver & gold come from I never gave it any thought,darn me!!!!!

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