Age and style of these oak kitchen chairs?

linnea56March 14, 2012

Wow! I can talk again! :) I wanted to post this days ago.....

I tried selling them on Craig's list for a while with no interest. I am now trying an antique consignment store. I told the staff that I would try to find more info on the probable age. When I bought them I believe I remember the antique store telling me, but it has been 16 years and now I am not sure if it was just wishful thinking on my part (or theirs). At the time, as I had young kids, I was just happy to find practical oak antique chairs that did not have cane seats.

The manager has to see them in person and price them: for all I know she might not want to take them. They were sturdy when I bought them but got wobbly over time. I added angle irons to them, but they still wobble. If knowing more about them, like age or style, is a useful selling point, I would like to offer that.

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Well....the addition of angle irons didn't help the value any. Reglueing would be the thing to do.
I would guess they are 1935 to maybe possibly 1950. Can't put a name on the style but for "kitchen chairs"....was tehre a small drop leaf table to go with them?
Linda C

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When I bought them they were not wobbly. But they were, in very short order. So the shop had done something to stabilize them. I did take out the bottom leg supports and re-glue them, but they stayed wobbly. I could never figure out what the shop had used, since gluing did not work for me. The angle irons were the only options left that I could think of.

There was no table. I just bought the chairs, which was fine, as I already had a table.

The shop where I bought them told me circa 1910-1920, but that was the only time I ever went in there, so I never knew if I could trust their judgment.

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