Help decide a basement finishing quote fair or not

tamujunMay 28, 2011

Hi, I am a newbie so please forgive if this is a wrong question to ask. I have a unfinished basement that I want to renovate it to a large playroom (for kids) and a mud room. The rest of the basement will be a storage / mechanic room (will leave unfinished but needs to install a smoke detector). The to-be-finished playroom will be 12' X 26', and will be carpeted. Mud room will be 14'X6' including stairs (skirt boards and rug - half wall of the stairs will be capped by wood trim). The mud-room will be tiled. The playroom will have 8 recess lights and a few sockets, needs to install a few smoke detectors.

My contractor gave me the following quotes:

Work including framing, insolating, hanging of sheet rock, installation of trim, and painting.

Materials $ 2,330.

Labor $ 5,000.

Detailed labor cost: Labor to frame and insulate: $1,500

Hang sheetrock: $1,000

Install finish work (see below) $1,500

(doors, baseboard, skirting for stairs, window trim)

Painting: $1,000

Tape and coat sheetrock $ 1,700.

Flooring $ 2,214.

Electrical $ 1,000.

Total $ 1,2244.

I live in New Hampshire. The house is 5 years old.

Would you let me know if this quote is fair or not? My budget is really tight, and I want spend money wisely.

Thanks, I appreciate!

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A few years ago when I was in the remodeling business, we were in the range of $29 to $33 per square foot for basements exclusive of flooring. So $30.61 sounds in the ballpark to me.

Of course, it's always wise to get several estimates. Just make sure they're all bidding on the same work, quality of components, etc.

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Thanks Mike_kaiser. The info you gave is very helpful.

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Trying to get a price to sheetrock and mud a basement, walls 7280 lin ft. and 750 sq ft for 8' ceiling. would that be per sheet or sq ft

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