How long to finish a basement?

chowdahsoupMay 17, 2009

I've been trying to get quotes on finishing our basement. No plumbing, just adding walls to complete a nearly 1000 square foot rectangle into 3 separate rooms: laundry, workout & family room. Complete framing and drywall, drop ceiling, no flooring, but some electrical including lights and plugs as well as finishing the stairs.

I was completely surprised to hear it would take our first bidder 6 weeks (he would be working by himself). How long did it take you to finish your basements? I am having a hard time getting anyone to return my phone calls so I have nothing to compare to.

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I've renoed plenty of basements. One pro working six real weeks could do it. After all, there's no plumbing, no tiling, drop-in ceiling.

But if you're going this route, take out all permits and do it properly. Especially the wiring. Drywall and carpentry is one thing. Wiring is completely another. And just because the receptacles and switches work, doesn't mean they're done right.

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Not knowing the entire scope of your project, 6 weeks sounds in the ball park for one guy. The problem with working alone is there are many things that take more than twice as long as with two guys.

"Some electrical" has me a little concerned. I don't know who is doing the work but you want to make sure he is up to snuff on the current codes. Otherwise it can come back to haunt you.

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Thanks for the information. I hope to find someone who's willing to share the work.

No worries, I will be getting a permit for everything as well as a separate electrician. I only mentioned the electrical to show the scope of the work as minimal, nothing fancy like many basements I read about here on GW.

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