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pink_warm_mama_1October 22, 2012

Recently moved from a house to an apartment and found a kitchen so small am not sure how one can cook in it. Counter space is at a minimum, and, of course, there's no room to add a table or anything that might help. Suggestions? Thank you.

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First, go through all your kitchen stuff and downsize. Get rid of things you don't use very often, duplicates, things that have only one use.

Then, look for where you can add storage. Can you fit a microwave cart in the kitchen? Instant counter space, plus more storage.

If there is space above the upper cabinets, get boxes or baskets or bins to store seldom-used things up there. Can you add a shelf or two to the wall somewhere? Maybe over the sink? Beside a door?

Then look outside the kitchen for more storage space. If there is a dining area adjacent to the kitchen, you can put a pantry cabinet there, or a sideboard that can hold kitchen things.

You want to keep the things you use every day in the kitchen and easy to reach. But the bread machine you use every other month--do you need to keep it? Can you get along without it? If you have to keep it, store it outside the kitchen, where it doesn't take up valuable space.

For things you know you will only use once or twice a year, like holiday cookie cutters, consider storing them in a separate storage area, if your apartment has one down in the basement or out on the balcony.

Ikea has a ton of organizers and gadgets to make living with a small kitchen easier. They also have a fold-down table that attaches to the wall--which would give you counter space or eating space when you need it, and more or less disappear when you don't.

I once had a kitchen with exactly 2.5 feet of counter space, three upper cabinets and no lower cabinets. And I hosted dinner parties for five or six people frequently, so it can be done.

Also, if you can get some pictures of the space, try cross-posting over on the Organizing the Home forum. There are people there with a lot more ideas.

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For getting the most out of not very much, take a look at the Little Paris Kitchen videos on youtube. She runs a restaurant in her apartment in Paris, with a teeny European kitchen with not much more than a two burner camping stove and a toaster oven. Watch how she does it: the big secret is cleaning up as you go:

Here is a link that might be useful: Little Paris Kitchen

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That was a delightful video!

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Imma makin' Croque Madame next weekend!

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"Little Paris Kitchen..."
This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by BBC Worldwide Ltd.."

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Just do a search on UTube and you will find most of the episodes.

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If you have a coat closet, add shelving to it. You can use it as a pantry or to store paper products. Get magnets for your spices and store them on the refrigerator.

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