Hole In Foundation for Main Sewer Line Leaking

lrb91849May 26, 2009

Hello ... My son-in-law and I were doing some basement remolding. One of us must have banged up against the Main Sewer Line that exits through the Concrete Foundation and runs to the Septic.

When it rains we started to notice water seaping back in to the basement through the Round Hole that the pipe exits through.

We patched the inside with Hydraulic Cement. What we have noticed now is the Hydraulic Cement changes color as if the water from the outside is trying to get through.

We would like like to make the repair permanent and dig down the outside and again patch around the pipe this time from the outside.

I would like to know if anyone has a suggestion on the Material or Materials I should be using. It's going to be used in an area that is Underground and Moist.

I would appreciate your Suggestions and Idea's on how to complete this project.


Lou B

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First, expose the pipe and find out what material is used. Only, then you can you decide how to patch or replace it. It may be PVC, ABS, bituminous fiber, clay or cast iron.

At that time, you might want to get in a plumber to do the actual work. The biggest cost is the digging. For safety, work with a large sloped excavation and brace it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Excavation safety

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