Very BAD Condo Neighbors

epmclarenOctober 24, 2008

My husband, my 2 girls aged 9 and 7 and myself moved into a ranch style condo in 2/06 (we are renters). In 12/06, 23yo twin girls moved in to the unit opposite ours (their mommy and daddy bought their unit) and after about a month of them moving in at 1am they were hammering on the walls to hang up pictures and woke up our kids. I went next door and politely welcomed them to the neighborhood but asked them to find another time to do a remodel other than 1am in the morning. Their response was to "go **** yourself" - they were drunk. Then we called the police around 3am because they kept on and it took the police so long to get there they had finally stopped - hence no noise. Since then they have banged on our bedroom walls, stomped on the floors, etc. knowing that we are going to call the police, cut off the lights and get quiet until the police arrive and then after they leave it starts all over again. The police can never get there to actually hear the noise, even though they see our 2 girls crying at 3am because they were startled awake and couldn't go back to sleep to get up and go to school. Their parents are just as bad, the father was arrested after charging at me because I called the police and they arrested his daughter and he said we were lying. The HOA and property management company said there is nothing they can do if no one else hears them making noise from 1-3am. We have been threatened with lawsuits by their parents for calling the police, etc. We are a couple of years shy of being the same age as their parents and cannot believe they condone their children's drunken behavior. Short of uprooting our children, does anyone have any LEGAL suggestions as to how we can get this to stop???

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Yes, get yourselves a lawyer. Your mgmt. team is ridiculous in saying that because no one else hears them, nothing can be done.

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Your girls are "9 and 7". I seriously doubt "our 2 girls crying at 3am because they were startled awake and couldn't go back to sleep to get up and go to school."

My guess is there is more to this story than you are saying.

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Gammy, what are you thinking? It seems completely believable to me and I would love to know what you mean.

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I am thinking there is more to the story than the original poster said.

Doesn't matter, she joined and posted on the same day and hasnt been back since, odds are she will never be back.

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