Basement water problem

prairiefoxMay 25, 2008

I'm hoping someone can give me advise. I am getting my parents' house ready to sell. I live out of state. It's a small house, only valued around $99,000- Rochester, NY area. The house was built in the 50's and has what is called a floating basement. There is a high water table and springs under the ground. When we were kids, the basement was damp but never wet but due to development in the area, the water table has shifted and now the basement has wet spots. My sister checked the house the other day and there is a 1-2 foot puddle about 2 inches deep by the sump pump and moisture along the floor cracks. The walls were dry. The real estate agent says this all needs to be fixed before we put it on the market. I just want to sell and be done with it. Who fixes such things? Are those companies legit that say they waterproof basements? AAAGh! Why didn't my parents fix this years ago!!

Thanks in advance. And yes, there is a dehumidifer but maybe we need a dozen more!

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The real state agent is right. You will be better off having the basement fixed before you sell, because if you don't, chances are that the buyer will want to negotiate down the house's price based on an estimate he will obtain from a contractor he will select himself.
But look at the bright side: a dry basement counts as usable space when you are selling a house.
Here's two important things to consider before you get someone to fix the basement.
- First, select a contractor who offers free consultations. Preferably some reputable waterproofing company with some experience in estimating for real estate transaction purposes.
- Second, make sure he offers a transferable warranty, that will cover the work after the ownership of the house is transfered from the buyer to the seller.

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Thanks, Cyfree! I would not have thought about the transferable warranty. Got any suggestions on a reputable waterproofing company? This is why my own house had to have a completely dry basement. I never want to deal with this again.

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Are you sure the sump pump is working. Could be that replacing it with a larger capacity one would cure a lot of the water problems.

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