Recognize design on old bedstead??

cearbhaillMarch 14, 2010

I'm wondering if the design on this old bedstead is something someone might recognize?

Or is it just a random design?

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Perhaps it's the sign of some mystic order of felines, judging by that cat's intense gaze. Otherwise, I think it's just an ornamental design.

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Ha- just thought it might be Masonic, or Illuminati, or Knights Templars or something :)

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I agree it is the mystic order of felines allright. shhhh its a secret. Cool bed btw

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Judging by the way the 'black' cat is looking at the symbol, it must be something used by witches back in Salem.....if there really were such things as witches. ;o)

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It just struck me that nothing is holding that headboard up but the cat's nose. It's sitting on two little caster wheels.

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