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BEN87112October 21, 2005

i live down stairs in an apartment complex. i have lived here for 2 months. (i have lived in other complexes downstairs previously but have never encountered the problem i an having now.) the problem is this ! my "neighbor" right above me is like a walking giant. (now i have seen him and he is not a large person) when we walks across his apt. my ceiling creeks, groans, cracks ect, ect. it is so loud that it wakes me at night. it sounds like the ceiling is going to fall down on me. and he is just walking, i can tell by the foot steps. no jumping or dancing ect. ect. just normal walking. what should i do to get some sleep? what can the management/owners do to get me some sleep at night? (it is a very large complex owned by a national company)

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You can buy one of those white noise machines or just put a CD of ocean sounds on replay.

If that doesn't help then talk to him. Simply tell him that the sound travels and ask nicely if he can please try to walk lighter between 9pm and 7am or the hours you sleep. Calling management will do nothing but make him your enemy because they can't stop him from walking in his apartment.

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thanks BUT what i was getting to is that it is not a tennant thing BUT a stucture thing. he could tip toe above me BUT when ANY weight is applied to certain spots upstairs, it sounds as if the roof is cracking and getting ready to fall in.

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Your first post sounded like you were complaining about the neighbor. This is different, talk to management and say it just like you said in your last post. That even if he would tip toe it sounds like the ceiling is going to cave in with cracking noises. The support beams could be damaged with water leaks or even termites.

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