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avadooneMarch 10, 2011

I found this in the garage. It seems to the unused. I find it particularly interesting because inside the box were these papers folded up.

The papers identify it as a Pressure Blasting Analyzer. There is also what appears to be receipt and a schematic type drawing. The signature on the first page does appears printed not by hand. Another thing I find interesting is that the numbers and other writing has been hand etched into the metal.

My grandfather was chemical engineer with the reserves . I know he was in hunstville, maryland, and germany. He was certainly in other places but I never heard anything about being in Houston.

I understand what it is and, I see they are still made and this company is still around. It says the patents has been applied for. Is this a early model? Who is EW Oakes? Were the papers included with every set?

Anyone have any good suggestions or facts to help me get started? I would like to know if it is worth money.

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The way I'm seeing it is the tapered rod is a measuring scale designed to calculate a volume of air required to deliver a pressure of 100psi at from any given orifice size. So you can maintain this pressure as the orifice wears or is replaced with another size, etc. The number given is the air input required in CFM to give an output of 100PSI.
Then, the pressure gauge can be used by attaching the tiny needle/probe which I am guessing gets poked into an air line and give a direct reading. Seems like a good way to eventually ruin the pressure hoses.
This was used in an industrial application where it was crucial not to sandblast components in excess of a certain pressure. I'm guessing that this model is specifically calibrated to 100 PSI for a reason; maybe they had other models calibrated to 80 or 120 PSI.
I don't see there being a very great demand for this, but somebody out there would no doubt pay at least $75 for it, since it is so complete.

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The yellowed paper has a price list dated August 30, 1958 so made sometime before that.

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Thanks for all the info. And good call on the date. I missed that completely!

I don't have any use for it. I think it's neat and I hope I can find someone that Will appreciate it.

Keep any ideas comin'

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My boyfriends father has a display of old tools. I gave it to him. He really loves it. I am glad that it is "with its own kind" :)

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Nice to know it has a good home.

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Very nice thing to do!

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