Upstair neghious is very threatning

johnmmOctober 9, 2004

hi everyone greetings.

My wife and me live in a nice apartment community in the sunnyvale , california . Recentely a new tenent moved in right above my apartment. My wife and me used to play our dvd player usually at a low volume which is connected to the sound system . One night 10pm we heard a noise where upstair person has thrown some heavey weight on his floor. Then he came downstiar and asked us to reduce the volume. We have ralized it and disconnected the TV with the sound system . One more night 10.30pm a terrible thing happened , we were watching movie and then the upstair neghouir started banging his floor continiously ,i felt like he is going to break his floor and our top will fall, i was about to call 911.Then i did not. We realized that this person is very abnormal person. I feel he is therat to my family. I usually play very low volume TV , but now and then he always bang the floor , either he jums on the floor or i dont know. I feel very unsecure i am not sure what should i do. He is a single chinese person and he is not very friendly and does not look that i can communicate with him. I know he may be bit senstive about the sound but we tried to play very low volume now a days, i have simple TV and that also do not have big speaker and i dont think that volume will distrub any one.

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If the neighbor gets noisy after 10PM, callyour apartment manager, and ask him to make the neighbor get quiet. Or call 911 and report excessive noise.

It's your manager's problem, but if you don't let them know, they can't do anything.

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911 if for acutal emergencies. Look up the phone number of your local police department and keep it by the phone. Better yet, program it into one of your speed dial buttons.

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First off do not assume that he is a threat to your family. I know his pounding scared you but it's just pounding.
You said"he is not very friendly and does not look that i can communicate with him". Have you ever talked to him other than when he was telling you to turn it down?
Sounds like your assuming a lot here.
Think in actual and not what you suppose may be.
There is a solution, you have to find it though.
You know what I mean?
You don't know YET if he is the big bad wolf.
After you have asked him to listen to your dvd play and he sets your eyebrowns on fire..then you know he is bad.
Just look at it from another point of view.
And knowing the non emergency number to the police is a MUST for all.
When you gotta live by a person it is best to try and solve the issues and not make 'em bigger.
I do not mean that your making it bigger...this is just sound advice for all us condo & apt dwellers.
Kill 'em with kindness.

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hi ,thanks every one for your helpful response, i have observed this neghour at what time he goes to work, its around. I met him one day right when he out for work . I have introduced myself in a polite manner and apologise in case i have made any noise which disturbed him. I have told him a that i do not play and loud volume and i have disconnected my TV wtith the sound system , i also told him that i ususally watch TV, which i have right to do . Also i have told him that in case if my volume is low , please let me know . This way he understood my presence and i think it seems that he is no more wild now a days. In addition to that i also get along with other nehogurs, just to make sure that they will be with me in case any trouble, in future.
thanks again every one and good luck with all yoru situation , i think opening a Channel with other person can solve lots of issues.

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great, johnmm, and congrats on working in a positive way to deal direclty with your neighbor. I hope this attempt of yours to create friendly connection pays off!

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