Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh My!!

PashanOctober 6, 2003

Anyone else read about the guy in Manhatten who had a 425 pound Bengal/Siberian Tiger in his 5th floor apartment that attacked him?!?! Officials took the tiger and an alligator out and plan to charge him with reckless endangerment. What about charging him with stupidity!?!?

Anyone else ever have a problem neighbor that can top the poor folks living next door to this guy?! (Can anyone even come close?!)


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Well, his neighbors clearly weren't top notch either. They all knew he had a tiger and never said a word to the authorities. One even suggested he be given a job a zoo, since he obviously loves animals so much!

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hello...any one home?
I mean oh my God....
I could hear the guy upstairs peeing....daily.
What the heck does ROAR!!!!!!!!!!! sound like a 3 am.
Aren't these animals nocturnal?

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I surely would keep my fresh meat locked up. Years ago, feeding my little box turtle hamburger was frightening enough!

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