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sjhockeyfan325January 3, 2014

We have a new induction cooktop (Bosch 500 series - I am a convert!). I have purchased a large stockpot (Denmark from BB&B) and two smallish non-stick pans (Kitchen Essentials from Target) which all work fine. None of our other pots and pans work, so we need to get something new. I cook regularly, but nothing at all fancy - not gourmet or anything - more like some pork chops, salmon filets, fresh vegetables. I don't want to spend a lot of money, because my cooking isn't worth it and I have no interest in more complicated cooking!

Is there a real difference between IKEA 365+, Walmart's Tramontina, Macy's Circulon Symmetry (or other like models and price points)? We need a 1 qt, 3 qt and 4 qt saucepan, a dutch oven (chili pot), and a large frying pan -- the latter of which is probably the only one where quality makes a difference in the actual cooking.

Thanks for your advice.

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(see link)

Here is a link that might be useful: How does $49 sound?

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(see link)

Here is a link that might be useful: Not as fancy as the $49 Copper Fusion, but larger

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I've been going to Homegoods and looking at their sale stuff for my induction cookware. I've gotten some great pieces for very little. I use a cast iron dutch oven (Lodge brand) and it works great on the induction range.

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When I had to get new cookware for induction, I went by how comfortable it felt in my hand. This will be different for everyone (has to do with weight and handle style). I ended up with Farberware Classic, which is the same thing I had before but the new version works on induction. I only bought the individual pots that I needed, not a boxed set; I don't think their nonstick skillets are induction-compatible. All my skillets are cast iron anyway. I also have an enameled cast iron Dutch oven (Fontignac, from BB&B) and love it.

I'd say go round to a few stores that carry cookware and take a magnet with you, and try things out until you find one that feels right in your hand. I was willing to buy something more expensive if I needed to, but Farberware really was more comfortable for me than brands with long handles (plus I knew the handles would stay cool).

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