What can I do to get the apartment manager to help us move?

lavendarlove1October 8, 2011

We have lived in an upstairs apartment for a little over a year. We moved here from a mobile home a week before my baby was due. Anyway we asked about the neighbors and they said they are awesome. Which is a lie. The day we moved in one neighbor warned me of the lady below us, that's she is mean. I didn't see what the fuss was all about because she was nice to me when I was pregnant. I had two neighbors tell me she has had everyone in this particular apartment evicted because of complaints of noise. When I had my baby, she started complaining, she would say stuff about do we have a fan, if we do to turn it off, it was too noisy, to turn off the washer and dishwasher, quit stomping, my husband puts his boots on too loud. Now that my daughter is a year old and walking, she complains about that, and that she can hear her playing. I can't even get pans out with her taking a broom stick and banging the wall. We've complained to management about this and they suggest we move or get a long. We asked about moving apartments and they want to charge us a whole new fee, deposit, and rent. This is an income based apartment and we don't have that kind of money. Is there any way I could contact someone to help us out before my neighbor gets us evicted or we start a full out war? I am quickly losing my patience, I literally walk on my tip toes to be quiet. My feet hurt. She gets mad when I have company which is VERY rare because I have agoraphobia.

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If there's government involvement in renting these apartments, there may not be much that management can do.

But you can try negotiating. For the security deposit, see if they can't transfer that over to the new apartment. Promise them that you will be able to pay them immediately if there is damage that has to come out of the security deposit. If they do let you move to a different unit, ask for a management walk-through a week or two before you move out, so that they can point out problems in enough time to let you fix them.

Rent--well, you'd have to pay rent anyway, so this isn't an additional charge.

The fee--I have no idea what this is for. You may be able to negotiate this down or completely away, or you may just have to pay it. It might be worth paying it if it will get you away from the nasty neighbor.

And do try to get a bottom floor unit.

If this building is run by the city or state, you can try contacting the housing department of the city or state and seeing what your options are.

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Maybe I don't understand fully, but I don't see how this lady can get people evicted. Perhaps there is no reasoning with her. No matter what a person does, he/she can't keep absolutely quiet. I'm new to condo living after having lived in a house for most of my life. It's taken me a while to get used to foot steps overhead, loud music or TVs turned up on occasion, but we all get along. I don't think anyone should have to tip toe through their own living space. I would live just as you feel you should. If you want to run a fan, run it. Your daughter will play and make noise. Too bad for the lady. Maybe she should move. I don't see how anyone can be evicted for simply living in the space they pay for. Are these evictions management moves or are they "official" notices from the city? It sounds like you're really unhappy and I would lodge a formal complaint against the lady who is so fussy. I'm wishing you the best in whatever you decide.

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If the owners won't help get rid of the fleas. Then go to a vets and get a good carpet and floor spray! Do not use bombs. they do not get under furniture beds tables,couches,chairs ect. You must spray every inch of carpet and floor.Start in the corners of each room and work towards the center. usually one good spraying is enough as the spray last for up to a month..Make sure you buy it at a vets as the offer the best..

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From what you have written, it sounds as if management isn't going to do anything. That means they aren't going to do anything to you. So live your life normally, stop tiptoeing around, and let your neighbor bang on the ceiling all she wants.

Send a certified letter to the management indicating that the occupant in the apartment below you is complaining about normal sounds within your apartment. Express your willingness to be moved to accommodate her sensitivity but that you are unable to incur additional expenses to move.

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Document each and every time she complains as well as what time it is when she is complaining.

If enough people are willing to verify that she is the one with the problem, then maybe she could be 'encouraged' to move instead of everyone else having to.

Wonder why the manager hasn't put her in a quiet apt yet, instead of making other people move.

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