Do you purchase appliance warranties?

ksoxgrlJanuary 31, 2014

My front load washer and dryer are coming to the end of the initial 1 year warranty. I'm curious if people do buy into the extended warranties and if so for how long of a time period? Not sure if I should buy them or just chance it! Thanks :)

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Years ago, I bought a bosch washer dryer and decided to suck it up and purchase the PC Richard's extra warranty.
The machines were under company warr. for a year. the PC Richard's started after the first year for 5 years. towards the end of the fifth year my faithful w & D broke down. The people that were sent did an amazing job, replacing the motor. We are a family of six, athletic, laundry, etc. Those Boschs are a pair of work horses. They ran for another 5 and in our current remodel, I opted to donate them to a housing charity through Salvation army - hopefully they landed in a good home that needed them. The machines and the warranty were very good. I do think it depends on who comes to fix your unit under the purchased warranty. We had Delphus and they are top notch and honest.

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When our Bosch front loader reached the limit of its 5 year warranty, I debated what to do. Sears had sent an offer to extend their warrantee for an added one or three years. I couldn't make up my mind and eventually they sent me last chance offer. I decided to go for another 3 years after hearing all the horror stories about front loaders. Hope I never need to use it but 350 is a lot less than 1300.

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Statistically, I think you are better off not getting them, or that's my understanding. Of course, if you are the exception, you'd be glad you had one! We tend to go the "self-insured" route. Assume that if you buy none of them, X percentage of the stuff you buy will be a lemon, but you will still spend less replacing that one thing that you would have spent on the many extended warrantees. If only you knew in advance which things would prove to be unreliable, it would be so easy to calculate!

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Some of the stores would give you their extended warranty free if you come in with a quote from another store and they can't give you lower prices.

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Do a Goggle search on this issue and you'll get all kinds of information on the topic.

I checked with a local repairman before I bought new appliances and he basically said they aren't worth it. He gave a case where the washing machine was under an extended warranty and the customer still wound up paying around $300 out of pocket. Basically, he told me to shy away from those pushing an extended warranty. Nine times out of ten, it means the appliance isn't that reliable and that's why they push the warranties.

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. Assume that if you buy none of them, X percentage of the stuff you buy will be a lemon, but you will still spend less replacing that one thing that you would have spent on the many extended warrantees.

That's why I would only buy them for the pricier appliances , like a Sub-zero or other high-end refrigerator. For all the other stuff, I''m taking the risk, and understand that I will be out of pocket if something goes wrong. That said, we did have a Lowe's extended warranty for our last kitchen because it was cheap - $99 for 4 or 5 appliances for 4 years, and it was used a lot on the drawer dishwasher. (The KA refrigerator crashed too but that was within the original warranty). It all depends on the risk you're willing to take, and your ability to come out of pocket if the need arises. I feel the same way about travel insurance. I've yet to cancel a trip in my life. I can fly around the world for the money I've not spent on trip cancellation insurance. I do however carry Medical evacuation insurance especially when I go somewhere I think doesn't have the best in medical care. It's all a cost/value analysis.

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It depends on the appliance and the price of the warranty.
My opinion has changed completely in the last several years. I would now buy one for anything that has some kind of computer board unless you can get one cheap for that specific appliance and fix it yourself. I would consider it for other appliances. I have had three brands of appliances with blue enamel that cracked and shed off.
I would probably shop various warranties and buy it on most things these days. I might try to negotiate it at the time if purchase.
Read the warranty carefully. Electrolux extended warranty excludes the oven liner with which they have known issues. Try to find something out about the company providing the warranty. Costco sells "square trade" warranties.
We just bought a Speed Queen washer and dryer with no extended warranty because if the way they are built. We own about 10 other sets we use in our business. I used to think problems tend to show up in the warranty period and they would fix them and they would be good. Problems now seem to be due to inherent problems and even when they are fixed, they still have the problem. In my experience, in appliance ownership. 32 years problem free and the last 7 years, appliance woe. In my kitchen in the last seven years I have had 5 wall ovens,+multiple repairs, 2 ranges + multiple repairs, now looking for a third, 2 dishwashers, 2 microwaves. The frig has worked well functionally so far, but had multiple attempts at making the doors even which was unsuccessful. The SQ is the only appliance that has been great!!!

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Some stores, like Sears, refund the money you paid for the extended warranty if your machine did not breakdown during the warranty period.

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I went ahead & bought one for my dishwasher & fridge. I hear so much about how the appliances aren't lasting very long & I just don't want to risk it. If I don't use them, then it was peace of mind for me.

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Only warranty I bought with all new kitchen and laundry appliances was one for the Liebherr refrigerator as it was more expensive to repair, if needed.. For the others- taking the chance to "self-insure" as they are all much lower in price and can be more easily replaced (less $$) or in the case of the Viking range - it has 3 year warranty. I know the appliances today do not last the way our original ones did. For instance my former washer, dryer and refrigerator each clocked 25+ years and were still limping along. The installer told me we would be lucky to get 8-10 years with the new ones! We won't touch the discussion on the cost to purchase them. No point! Hear it over and over from DH!

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I added 3 yr warranty for a Miele dishwasher for $99, half the cost of the domestic brands I compared to. It is likely a waste of money as select brands have comparitively few issues. Looking back, I read too many "disaster stories" with other brands and thought all manufacturers were in the same boat for the particular appliance. A few elite brands offer few worries and the extended warranty is a waste of money, the rest, I still have worries about, but until the dishwasher had never purchased an extended warranty in 25 years of home ownership.

Unfortunately, some component manufacturers only fess up to tracking first year warranty. That is unacceptable to me for major appliance products, and so I am not surprised that today's "durable" appliances are not so durable.


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I usually don't buy extended warranties but for some reason I bought one for my original Miele - and I had the lemon. It really wasn't the Miele but the repair company that totally messed it up. (long story)
Anyway, at 4.5 years, I got a check for the full price of the DW.
I went shopping, not planning on another Miele, but ended up with a Miele - and yup, got the extended warranty again.
I have to contact wolf to see if I can get a warranty extension that covers porcelain chipping - so far, I am OK but soon will be at the 2 year markâ¦
We didn't do any of the other appliances or TVs - I "self insured them" figuring if I didn't pay someone $$, I could amortize over the life of the product...

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I buy my appliances at Lowes because of their warranties. a 4 year warranty that starts after the one year manufacture's is about $100. It basically covers everything except cosmetic. To me it's well worth it the piece of mind. People say "warranty companies are out to make money". Well duh! What business isn't out to make money :D

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I just purchased all new appliances for our reno kitchen, and I purchased the 3 year warranty for all of the appliances. I just want peace of mind after going through the reno process. The light already blew out on my oven, which was covered under the mfg warranty, but Lowes is the one that ate the cost. I guess they didn't want to go through the manufacture.

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I purchased a 5 year extended warrenty on my KA fridge, DW, stove, OTR microwave, maytag maxima washer/dryer. I bought all of them from ashley furniture and paid an extra $200 to get all extended warrenty. I originally wanted at to go to the brick(canadian retailer) but they were charging $150 extra for each appliance.

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I have bought and used them for my front loader washing machine and dishwasher, with four homeschooled children we use our appliances a lot more than the average family.

But I've also recently used the "extended protection" offered free by many credit cards! I have a springfree trampoline with a 2 year warranty on the mat and the mat tore just before 3 years of use - Visa sent me a check for the replacement! They double manufacturers warranties of up to three years for up to one additional year.

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I bought a Bosch DW, induction cooktop, and single wall oven for my remodel 2.5 years ago. The owner of the small appliance store where they were purchased advised against purchasing additional warranties, and I followed his advice. So far no problems. Never have purchased any warranties on anything previously.

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I did for my Maytag Baravos washer as I had issues with it from day one. It took about 3 months for them to figure out the problem and once they did, I did not have any more problems within the first year. I have had once since then when DH left a nail in his pocket and it got caught somewhere and damaged something. I had renewed it up each year up until this last time - the cost kept getting higher and higher - $250 a year this last time.

I have been battling with Samsung over our fridge. We didn't get the extended warranty but I did register it and that gave us an additional 3 months. Started having problems during that time and they did continue to replace parts after that time. However, it never was fixed and now they are renigging on their buy back offer. I have sent a registered letter with all the documentation to the President of the company and will wait another week or so to see if I get any response. If not, I will have to consider taking some other action.

We replaced the fridge with another Samsung (may live to regret that) but we did get the 5 year extended warranty from Lowes for $150.00 Couldn't pass that up, even if I don't ever use it, it was a peace of mind issue after all we have been through. Plus, Lowes gave us 10% back because of a small dent in the back edge of the fridge. That more than covered the cost of the warranty.

Remember, register your appliances and you will get an additional 3 months - at least with Samsung and GE, you do.
Write down the Warranty number they give you - you will need it if you have to use it.

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