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Indigo40March 26, 2011

I have a couple of pieces that I am having trouble identifying what exactly they are and their age.

The first is a dresser - it stands on legs about 8 inches off the ground - there are small wheels on the legs. There are two drawers at the bottom and doors at the top with a shelf (I assume for hats) and two smaller drawes which I assume would be for "furnishings" - underwear, hankies, etc...I haven't found any markings on it. The dresser is about chest height on me and I am 5'4". The drawers are dovetailed and it has a dark finish (maybe cherry).

The second item is a tall (approx 6 feet) cabinet, about 30 inches wide. At the top are two doors with frosted glass and two shelves. Below that is a shallow drawer. Below the drawer is a drop leaf desk and then another set of solid wood drawers under that. It is painted white with gray trim and I suspect it is not the original finish as it is pretty glossy. The drop leaf has some sort of formica product on the surface.

I hope this is enough information to at least head me in the right direction to identifying these pieces. Thank you so much for any help you can give me.

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Photos would make this much easier. Set up an account at Photobucket or similar site, and follow the directions to post photos here.

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The second piece sounds like a kitchen cabinet, maybe some variant of what is called a Hoosier. I'm not sure, but these tend to be pre-20s, I think. Wasn't it about the 30s that kitchens started being built-in?

The first sounds like a fairly common bedroom configuration. I'm not sure what it's called, but you're right about that door compartment being for hats. A lot of them that I see around here are pretty plain, and not worth that much. They look really practical though. That might date to the 20s, give or take a decade.


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Thanks for the information about our furniture. Here is a link to pictures of the furniture. The dresser is the fourth and fifth pictures and the kitchen cabinet is the sixth through the ninth. We could not find a maker's label, although on the kitchen cabinet, there is a metal plate at the top that has been painted over which might reveal the maker if the paint was removed. Any help you can give me would be great!

Here is a link that might be useful: Antiques

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Both pieces appear things "cobbled" out of other pieces. The "dresser" appears to have some nice mahogany wood made into doors and added to the front of "something....with the legs added from another piece and the pulls perhaps from the piece where the mahogany doors came from.
From what I can see the dovetails appear to be machine made.

The white piece looks like a piece made to fit a particular place.
Neither piece is of any antique value. The only value is if someone has a use for a piece that size.
Linda C

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Well, we are kind of bummed...both pieces were purchased at well-known local antique stores and now I feel I may have been cheated...we bought them because we thought they were unique and now I guess they are...thanks for your information...

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Identify later.
I hope you didn't pay much.

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Indigo, it's called upcycling or repurposing and items such as you've purchased are all over the place. Linda is right, and i'm sure most of us have been burned at least once. Another good idea is to ask the manager of the antique store~~it's not in her/his best interest to not tell the truth. ;o)

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It's called misrepresenting the merchandise.....or on the other side caveat emptor.
Whatever, if they indicated what you bought was "origimal"....they were at fault.

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