Cigarette smoke seeping into apartment. What are my options?

solomongrundyOctober 11, 2009

At least it SMELLS like cigarette smoke. I'm in a second floor apt (between first and third), and every so often in my bathroom, I smell cigarette smoke. It's not all the time, but for someone who does not smoke, it's bothersome. Sometimes I smell it in my bedroom and rarely in my living area.

All my windows and doors are closed, so I'm not sure how this is getting in, or what I can do about it. Haven't gone to the office yet, but to me, this is a health hazard that needs to be somehow rectified

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It might be entering your apartment through the heating/cooling/ventilation systems.

You can try contacting the management and seeing if there is anything they are willing to do.

See if you can pin-point the source--is the smoke seeping in around an electrical outlet? Through the bathroom vent? Sometimes people can seal off the opening that lets in the smoke using caulk or an expanding foam. But I'd try the management first.

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If your building isn't a No Smoking building you have no complaint.

Also you said "At least it SMELLS like cigarette smoke."

It is occasional and you are not even sure the smell is cigarettes.

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camlan - at first I thought it was coming through the bathroom vent, so I closed it. However, I have still smelled it in my bedroom, so it may very well be the ventilation ducts. It's funny, because I went to the office and explained everything and they told me that my upstairs neighbor had mentioned the same thing (I think she said that it was coming from her linen closet which is also located in the bathroom). To the best of my and the office's knowledge, neither the upstairs nor the downstairs neighbor smokes, so it's kind of a mystery.

The office said they were going to have maintenance look into it to see what could be done, so at least they're willing to try to do something about it. Since the OP, I haven't smelled anything yet.

gammyt - Really? No complaint? Soooo a health issue isn't a valid complaint if it IS cigarette smoke? If it is not, then it still needs to be looked into as something may not be functioning properly.

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Unless you live in a no smoking building, you have no complaint if what you are smelling is cigarette smoke.

You and your neighbor don't even know if what you are smelling is cigarette smoke. The smart thing to do would figure out what the smell is.

Either way, unless you live in a no smoking building, which you obviously dont or you would have said that. IF the smell is cigarettes (you don't know), who ever is smoking has the right to because their lease doesn't say smoking is not allowed.

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