need help id'ing this ceramic painted vase...

oldstuff4meMarch 14, 2012

I recently bought this vase at a consignment store. The sales-woman remarked that it was "very old". I'm not sure if it is or not because I can't find any info about it. The bottom is stamped with the # 2486 and there are some black spots that may have been left from a manufacturers mark, but I really can't tell. It stands about 7" tall.

I'm hoping that the style and painting will ring some bells for someone here.

Thanks in advance.

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Am I missing a picture of the bottom mark?

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Sorry... I thought I had included this one too. You can barely see the number stamp.. but it's definitely 2486... and you can see that there are a couple of black specs. Thanks again!!

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Sure looks like Gouda pottery to me. Check out ebay. It's very nice.

Here is a link that might be useful: gouda

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Not Gouda....but I believe the same time period.

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Reminds me of 'Catalina' tiles...

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