Best 36" counter depth fridge for less than 3K?

thedorkJanuary 22, 2013

I need your expertise.

I cannot afford Sub Zero, Liebherr etc. even though I like the sleek look of them.
My budget is around 3K or less.
Don't care about ice machine.
My only concern is layout/counter depth and quality.
French doors with bottom freezer is OK but I am open to side by side also - we are a family of 3 and don't need huge space.

Please share your thoughts - LG, Samsung, Bosch etc?

Thank you!

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Your situation sounds like mine, except I want ice and water. I hate my current SBS fridge and do want French doors. I have looked at a lot of fridges in person, talked to a lot of appliance guys, and read a lot of reviews at Sears, AJM, etc.

In the 36" size range, it seems the LG models are most dependable, and Samsung is the same. I am going with the LG LFX25991ST which is the largest non-luxury 36" on the market, so far as I have found. Nice interior layout. While the ice maker is smallish it is well located, and you don't have that big honking ice machine hogging the upper left quadrant of your interior like you do with Elux and many of the others.

Again, great reviews on this LG. Kenmore has a similar version LG makes for them and you can get that one in black. They both run around $3K. If you do not need ice and water, a great bargain is the LG LFC21776ST which you can sometimes find right at $2K. Though smaller in capacity, it has outstanding reviews on AJM. A friend of mine has it. It is beloved by all, so far as I can tell.

Samsung makes a French door and a SBS in counter depth. And Whirlpool makes a few SBS that are counter-depth. I don't know much about those. In general, the Samsung and LGs are work horses, so far as I can tell from friends and family who own them. I hope this is of help. I am sure others know more than I do. Good luck.

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No affiliation with either, but read them both.. I am trying not to go over 4 inches from 24" base cabinets (i.e., 28"), which really limits me and I want that four inches to match the front door-think I will go stainless french door.. Need a 36" width. Still haven't counted out the LIebherr though. It may be worth it in the long term.


Good luck.

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We just ordered the KA - just under 3k and counter depth and also a bit taller 72". Don't have it installed so can't comment on it yet

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katy-lou, that sounds like it may be KitchenAid KFCS22EV if it's 36" w, height is 71.7/8". Depth 30 1/8".

Last Friday I saw the CD KitchenAid KBFS20EV, very similar interior at near 20 cu ft (not 22 cu ft). Depth of 29" height 69 15/16". Both of the above models have an interior mounted simple water dispenser btw. I seem to recall this model had the stainless on the extended sides (no hated black). This model impressed me most though with the hinges and french door seal. No matter how many times I pulled the french doors open, even at varying angles, they closed perfectly, tightly and without the rubber seals overlapping etc. The doors have heft to them, not a loose swing upon opening and I think this complements their better than average french door closure. The bottom freezer drawer has the ice dispenser tucked up on the left upper, next to it (in this model) is a wire drawer, and beneath that a full length drawer. Nice lighting. I have used Kitchen Aid for years without major problem.

I tried a couple of other french doors on refrigerators and of the free standing, none of them closed as tight imo as the Kitchen Aid. It's definitely on my CD refrigerator list. Priced under $3k for the Kitchen Aid KBFS20EV. One year warranty plus more liner/sealed refrigerator system.

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My 36x72 KA CD SxS is 5 years old--love it, especially how quietly it runs. Most reviewers like KA CD fridges in your price range. Have you considered Craigslist? I found mine two years ago on CL for around $1000 due to a divorce. The previous owner said it was trouble free during the time that she had it in her home.

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I purchased the Viking RDDFF236SS back in Sept 2012. No issues thus far. It's mechanically the same as the KA KFCS22/KFCP22 and Jenn Air JFC2290 models, but each has different door handles. I got quotes for around $2600 OTD for all these models. I would suggest calling stores for floor models. Sears Outlet carries the KA models and depending on the sale/coupon available, can be had for around $2200.

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I am also looking at the 33'' CD ones since I'll have my old fridge in the garage maybe I don't need a 36" one.

One of those is:
Fisher Paykel RF175WDRUX1

Very nice look - mixed reviews though

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Yes we got the KFCP22EXMP at just under 3k. Hasn't been delivered yet as we are still working on the remodel

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I've had the Kitchenaid Pro Line Counterdepth French Door (KFCP22EXMP) for about a month and really like it ($2,650 plus tax). I specifically wanted a refrigerator without ice and water on the door. I hated that on my last refrigerator, especially after coming home one day to find it shooting crushed ice onto the floor. The KA has a water dispenser on the inside, but I don't use it. There isn't an option for turning it off, though. The ice maker works fine, but turning it off is a little hokey ... there is a little metal wire that you lift to shut it off, rather than a toggle switch like my former fridge. The fridge looks great ... it was delivered with a scratch that I didn't notice until the next morning, but Kitchenaid will replace the door (still waiting for it to arrive). There is a ton of room on the inside compared to my former side by side (GE). The doors shut solidly and firmly, and it runs quiet.

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Just wanted to add that F&P just got a new model - french doors 36'' no ice or water but looks nice and it's CD. I am getting it - hope this helps!

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I am interested in how the new Fisher Paykel CD refrigerator is in terms of noise. I read some reviews stating that they were very loud. Can "thedork" let me know?
Thank you very much.

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I was excited to shop for a new fridge for our new home build, until I actually started shopping. My current fridge is a GE Profile SXS in white and will be relegated to the garage at the new house. It has served us well but I need SS counter depth and I want a built in look - no ice/water in the door and no SXS. I love the sub zero and it fits well with my cheffy aesthetic and mindset. But, out of the budget at 9K. Leibehrr is very nice and a good alternative but again too spendy at 5K. Also, we would have to modify the upper cabinets to install a taller fridge. Too many other things yet to purchase with our new house build. But definitely the look and function I am going for. I also wanted a single door but not readily available in counter depth and freestanding models. I actually considered a fridge only single door model(love all the space for the fresh foods I cook with) and could live with a freezer in the garage, but living in the central CA Valley, we would miss the ice. Then I thought we could install an ice maker in the kitchen but again, the cost factor and uncertainty of where we would install it - it is a new house but not custom and we would have to retrofit it somewhere in the kitchen(BTW if anyone has done that please chime in....)

I narrowed it down to the KA, Jenn Air and Viking SS CD French door models with internal water dispenser. They are essentially the same inside - all made by Whirlpool - with minor differences including the handles and the KA and Viking have removable liners on the door bins. Viking is the cheapest at our appliance dealer($2899) and I like the looks of it with the pro handles. Jenn Air is $3249 with $300 rebate and KA pro handle style is $3199. Viking carries a 3 year warranty which is very good since we tend not to purchase extended warranties.
We will be moving in the end of December and need to decide and buy a refrigerator soon. I appreciate all the information I get on this site!

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