How to REMOVE framing on concrete basement?

nadine33May 24, 2009

So we are in the process of removing a wall that was built in the basement. It looks like they used one of those guns to bolt the wood to the concrete floor. I am searching on how to remove those bolts from the floor? Any ideas?


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The Ramset Cobra manual unhelpfully notes that "Powder actuated fastenings are permanent
fastenings so attempting to
remove a fastener from concrete or
steel may result in a serious injury."

I'd probably try a reciprocating saw to cut it off, then a sledge and/or grinder. Take safety precautions. Turn off gas appliances and remove any volatile substances when using a grinder indoors.

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Yup, be careful. If you try to use a crowbar, those things can snap and shoot off anywhere.

Use at your own risk, but here's one idea: cut the wood through on both sides of each fastener to remove the wall in pieces. (the remaining short piece of wood on the floor will now split easily). Then put a heavy old rag (old towel, doubled over) over the fastener (to catch it when it snaps) and hit the fastener (through the towel) with a small sledgehammer - this will likely snap it at the base, and the towel should keep it from flying off somewhere. Eye protection is a must, no matter what.

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Well, the crowbar and hammer did the trick. I was wearing eye protection, but luckily nothing really came flying out. IT was quite a bit of work, but they're gone now!

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