Would Like Info on This Vase/Jar

country_bumpkin_alMarch 24, 2011

It belongs to a friend that wanted me to see if I could find out anything about it. I didn't measure it..but it's BIG!

Marking on Bottom

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It's a "ginger jar" a form found in Chinese porcelain and also in English pottery and porcelain....probably due to the influence of Chinese export porcelain.
It looks to be hand painted, The picture of the bottom is so out of focus that I can't tell if it's porcelain or pottery.

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Linda...I've taken and uploaded some more pictures. Since there's so many (7) I going to provide a link to the PhotoBucket album, instead of uploading them here. Maybe you can tell more from these pictures. I know he's wanting to sell it and is mainly interested in if it's worth much..if anything.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ginger Jar

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I know local potteries also did ginger jars, because I have a couple from when I was working at Nelson McCoy. The one you have is quite lovely and is hand decorated pottery and looks rather heavy for its size. Since it is large....it may be a funerary urn.

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I don't "know"....but if I had to guess I would say it's Chinese high fired stoneware dating from about 1900 and very nicely done for the period.
And I think I would find someone to take it to who knows more about Chinese stoneware/porcelain than I do.. before selling it.
Linda C

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I don't think the flower arrangement looks Asian but that's just my opinion with nothing to back it up. Of course it could have been made in China for export using an 'Americanized' design which would be in line with LindaC's date.

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