Early Masons Vista Pink Soup Tureen

aeb78March 31, 2013

I have inherited a great deal of Masons vista pink china from my grandmother. I have no intention of selling any of the pieces but in researching the history I have run into a bit of a mystery.

I have a large round (not square or angled in any way) soup tureen, lid, and plate. The handles on the tureen and lid are all shaped like koi. The bottom mark dates it as an early piece (1800s). Ive combed site after site for a couple of years now and have had no luck in finding a tureen even similar. Can anyone shed some light on the history and worth of this piece?
Thanks in advance for any info!!

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" The handles on the tureen and lid are all shaped like koi"

That's a "dolphin" not a koi ... try that in a search.

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Oh fantastic! I had no idea what they were just assumed. Thanks for the new search point!

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That pattern seems to be applied to tureens of different shapes and handle styles. It was popular for over a century. The handles look more delicate (and therefore harder to make) than the fatter "fish" or the plain arched band I've found.

Those creatures are also called "dragons" by some people.

Also remember that Mason made true porcelain as well as ironstone, so you might have a mix of ironstone and porcelain.

You might have better luck asking on a forum dedicated to transferware in general, or Mason transferware exclusively.


List of books:

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Thank you for the links and information! I've learned bits and pieces about Mason transferware in general but I am quite obviously still learning. I really appreciate your help you have definitely given me some sources I haven't tried.

Thank you so much again!

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I have seen this tureen in a couple of higher end antique shops in the $ 350-400 range.

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Wanda S. Horton

These are quite rare. You are the only other person I've seen with this same tureen design. Contrary to the comment, above, they are valued in the range of $1,800 - $2,400, if all pieces are intact, to include the ladle. You can see ours to the right.

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