A tough and noizy male neighbor, how can i deal with him?

shaynemmaOctober 31, 2011

Here is my situation.

I live in the top floor of a 3-levels appartment. My downstairs neighbor is a tall and tough male-well, im also a tall and tough male. But the tough side of him is not about figure look. Here are some facts.

1-He makes noise usually. I can ignore much common noise, such as walking, occasion yelling, blahblahblah. However, his TV is really loud, and always continues for hours.

2-I did mention and told him about his TV noise, like about 10 times. I did door knocking at the start but received no answer. I assumed, perhaps the TV was too loud to hear a knock. Then I ringed the bell. He was nice to me everytime and promised would turn down. Yet, it remained the same when he turned on the TV next time-he barely changed.

3-I had no way thereby calling the management. The second time a manager came to him probably, which made him a little, or probabaly much angry. Consequently, he still had his TV loud, and I tried to hit the floor-as a mention, but definitely not a loud hit. He absolutely heard and came upstairs to me with an unhappy faced and talked to me loudly that he had his right to enjoy his appartment, and it was like 10:30 pm that time which he thought was reasonable to enjoy loud things. He suggested me to get carpet in my appartment.

4-The 1st a manager here was about me because he complained I was too loud. Hey, if he was right to enjoy his appartment, so was I. And I was just cleaning. But the manager also suggested me to have the carpet on my floor.

Now, I have few questions and I was thirsty for the answers from you or maybe some voices from the same situation people.

1-Was he claim right that he could enjoy his appartment in any ways he wanted, even though that could disturb me? How can deal with this claim?

2-I am finally going to put the carpet on. Will the carpet can help me to remove his noise? And if not, what should I do?

3-Still about the carpet. If I want to call the police, or the management again, or maybe, file a lawsuit. Will I be reasonable if I dont have the carpet? In short, is the carpet thing written in the rules?

4-I c some ppl posted in this forum something like "quiet hours 10-6". But if he does follow between 10-6, but still makes noise-very disturbing one in other hours, how can I deal with that?

Really hope the answers from you, plz help me before the noise gets me QQ.

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Can't help with much except that yes, the carpet is a good idea and it will help.

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You say his TV is loud and when he talks to you his voice is loud. Is it possible he has hearing problems?

Because you are saying manager, I assume you rent.

You said "4-The 1st a manager here was about me because he complained I was too loud. Hey, if he was right to enjoy his apartment, so was I. And I was just cleaning. But the manager also suggested me to have the carpet on my floor."

I would ask the manager when they are going to schedule the carpet install. Money smart for you is to only buy an area rug you love and take with you when you move. If the room is 12x12 and the rug is 10x10, the only person it will help is the guy downstairs, he wont hear you walk as much.

When folks on here say quiet hours, that is where they live. Read your lease, does it list quite hours? If not then call city hall and ask them what their quiet hour laws are.

Do not call the police until you are armed with that information. Even then, they have more important things to do than you think a TV is loud. If the police come, the TV better be blasting.

I wonder, are you the new tenant or is the downstairs guy new? AND, revenge noise is not only childish but you always lose.

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