Show me your storage are in your basement

nadine33May 26, 2009

We have a basement but no garage. Up till now the basement has just been the storage center, but with 2 growing kids and the rest of the house pretty small we need to utilize all the space we can.

Our basement was set up into quadrants, 1 being the unfinished laundry room, one being a make-shift bedroom/exercise room (previous owners) and the other 2 combined to one long and narrow room. We took down the wall between the "bedroom" and the long narrow room. But the biggest issue I face is the best idea for storage along with making the room functional. I'm envisioning a family room with a couch, TV, kids toys etc etc. BUt also need some type of shelving/storage for all our "stuff". I crammed as much into the unfinished part as possible, but still need additional room. This room is now an "L" shape, with very rough dimensions of 13'x20' and 12'x9 if you put those together to make the "L". My feeling is to take the longest wall and put up shelving all along it and use that as both storage and to hold a TV. I've been looking at both free shelving but also a bunch of bookcases put together. Does anyone have anything similar to what I"m talking about that I Can visualize?

I don't have access to any online photo sites at work, but can try to post a basic layout when I get home...

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