what can i ask them to do?

zeitgeistzOctober 20, 2004


In my apartment I have been living since July. Some things I am unhappy with, the kitchen walls are dirty... I wish they would of painted them or something before I moved in - it's a small kitchen.

And in the bathroom there is wholes in the wall under the sink and by the toilet...

Is it unreasonable to ask for them to repair them?

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Holes in the wall: YES, in some states. Check your state's "Landlord Tenant" act, and your city's housing code ... they have to maintain the premises.

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cool thanks.

they are in the bathroom and i didnt want to feel like a pest by bugging them. i am a college kid so i guess they think i dont care, but i try to keep my place nice and clean... and they are bothersome :)

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Sure you can ask, but it doesn't necessarily mean that they will do anything about it.

I have asked for things to be fixed that weren't fixed, so don't be surprised if they don't bother to do anything.

You may be able to improve the way the kitchen walls look by getting "Mr Clean's Magic eraser". Normally comes in pack of two 'sponges'. Just follow the directions carefully, especially being sure to rub the walls gently with the sponge. The sponges basically disintegrate as you use them, so you may need to go over the walls (gently) again with the second sponge to achieve the best results. You say it's a small kithen so there shouldn't be too much area to cover.

If they don't patch up the holes in the bathroom then just get a small tub of spackle and fill in the holes yourself.

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of course you should ASK! but don't expect help- some landlords simply don't care- some don't have the resources.

is it a block? a cut-up house? corporate or private?

what does it say about repairs in the lease?

(gotta ask why you didn't ask these questions before you SIGNED the lease- but I understand being in a hurry to get your stuff moved in)

the next question is 'if you guys can't- will you rebate me rent if I do?' especially with private owners, I've had GREAT luck with that- all of them have been at least willing to pay for materials, some have rebated me half the estimate for a 'pro' to come in and do it...

which was a wonderful thing when my roomate wasn't working, let me tell you.

if they're non- responsive, there's nothing stopping you from doing the repairs yourself, for your own good. take a before picture, and an after picture, and add it to your portfolio!

I think pursuing this would do you a world of good on a personal level as well- the simple fact that you need advice on something this basic tells me you're not your own best advocate- nor are you comfortable in your skills.

and being able to clean, prep, and paint are skills that I don't think they should let kids graduate high school without.

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It might be too late kiddo. You moved in without the kitchen being painted so it sounds like you rented the apartment as is. He might not do it now but until you ask you will never know, he might pay for the paint if you do the labor.

For the holes in the bathroom walls, were they there before you moved in? If not and because they are under the sink and by the toilet, tell the landlord about them right away. They could be caused by a water leak and much more damage could be happening.

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when you have to tell the landlord about something like a hole in the wall, if you're nervous about confrontation, couch it as "I'm your advocate and your eyes and ears, and I'm sure you haven't even realized that there's this hole, and vermin can get around, and damage could be occuring, surely you'll want to get it repaired to protect your investment"

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