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Jon_1October 8, 2011

My wife and I parted ways three years ago and our divorce was final a bit over two years ago. For our thirty of marriage we lived in our own house. Early on we lived in an apartment, but it's been a long time. When we were first separated, I moved into an apartment, but didn't like it and found another one. Then I decided to take cash and by a condo. It's a small one-bedroom which I totally gutted and remodeled. I'm sure it's worth much less than what I paid for with this economy. But when I bought it, I told myself that this would be my final move until assisted living. It's taken three years to get used to living in such small quarters, though living alone, I don't need much space, and it took a very long while for it to feel like "home". But now I love the place and wouldn't want to leave. I was wondering if anyone else has transitioned from living in a house to an apartment or condo and what your experience has been.


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My partner and I have lived in a number of houses, many fairly small. The last house was a bigger house, 3200 sq ft and we had done a lot of remodeling over the years and had it the way we wanted it. Well, he has wanted to move to a high rise condo for the last number of years. After the dogs died, he decided we were moving. I was reluctant at first, but we did find a great condo on the 24th floor of a great building. The condo was two years old when we bought it. It is under 1600 sq ft. I could not be happier. I miss some things about the house, but not much. I love the change and would not move back.


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