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nooningMay 20, 2010

I had the bathroom "roughed" in when i had my home built 4 years ago.

Now I had the basement finished and it was discovered at that time that the builders and plumbers at that time did not provide drainage for the bathroom.

I have been told I need the sewage ejector pump, because my current plumbing is on on the wall.

They did put a hole in the ground for the ejector pump and have a white plastic tube stuck in it.

Was this proper for the builders & plumbers ? Or should one expect when they have a bathroom roughed in, that it would have included the sewage ejector pump?


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As a builder I've roughed-in basement baths. What rough-in included was all the piping and venting to where the fixtures could be located. I wouldn't consider an injector pump to be part of a rough-in, though that could have been spelled out more clearly.

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As a Plumber I can tell you first hand that it makes perfect sense to install the under slab piping, ejector vessel pit and the dedicated vent during the rough in stage but it would be foolish to install the sewage ejector pump until it is actually needed.

Keep in mind that sewage ejector pumps are very expensive and the warranty clock starts ticking as soon as its installed. It would be a shame to install the pump during the rough in then 2 or 3 years later when they get around to finishing the bathroom they discover the pump has seized up and there is no warranty.

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Nope. I wouldn't expect an ejector pump to be included in a "rough-in" any more than I would a faucet or toilet.

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