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kentannenbaumMay 5, 2012

I have a cement channel which exits from behind my house from which water runs across our septic system. The gutters work fine, the cement was done years ago to further prevent water in the basement and it all works well, except for running water across the septic. I want to ward off future issues.

I began digging a trench beginning where the cement channel is and running across the higher part of the lawn "north" of the septic tank and field, which I want to use to channel the water away from it all. The trench is about 6-8 inches deep X same wide and my question is, what material is best to place in it to create the drain? Plastic? Cloth around gravel?

Thanks! Ken

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I'd use perforated 4" PVC drain pipe (rigid, not the flexible hose) with filter cloth sleeving.

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