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elanalvMay 12, 2006

I'm in CT and have some water issues with my basement. I've been putting this off and putting it off, now I'm finally intent of fixing it. I am having the grading done in the next week or so and hope to aleviate most of the problem that way, but I want to finish the basement as it has a family room, laundry hook up, and a second full bath, which currently has no fixtures but all the plumbing in place. Someone told me about a company called US Basement Systems which installs in interior drainage system that ties into a sump pump. They supposely guarantee it and will repair any damage that happens if it floods ever again. Anyone familiar with them? The cost for the work done in the house I heard about what $6000 three years ago and it was an 1100 ranch. Mine is almost the same size so...

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I'm in Ct also - lots of water - Not sure if it's the same co - Basement systems - I canceled my mtg w/them after much research & deciding I did not want their "one size fits all" - run PVC piping around entire perimeter of home, sump pump - without investigating how water is getting in

I did my own investigating - found a number of things
1. Gutters/leaders - some leaders into the ground in old terra cotta pipes that were totally useless/clogged - out they came cut leader - put flex piping out away from foundation. - Clean gutters, make sure they are secure, pitched properly
2. Old brick patio right outside bilco doors sinking, sinking, sinking - We fast forwarded a need a new patio project last fall - after that 8d rain when everyone flooded
3. All earth/flower beds/landscaping should be pitched away from the house - large plants should not be right near foundation they attract water
4. Driveway is old macadam - that needs replacing it is not allowing water to run off away from house _ it's on my list

We have a 75 yo Dutch col revival - w/fieldstone - I really did not want to opt the route of sump pump and have concrete slab jack hammered & punch through fieldstone -

I'll clean some crumbly mortar from walls, paint walls with dry lock, have cracks in slab filled with hydraulic cement and put waterproof paint there as well.

The #1 issue with water in basement is to find the source & do all necessary measures to alleviate that source

good luck

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Sounds as if their "solution" is to deal with the water after it comes into the basement (plan C below). Others try to seal the walls so that the basement becomes a sort of reverse swimming pool, water ponded on the outside. The best solution is to carry the water away before it comes in contact with the outside of the basement walls. That is plan A. The other things mentioned are plan B and C.

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Eileen, I think it is the same company. Well, I had the grading done, put in a perimeter drain to carry water from the downspouts away from the house, and put in a pipe to remove water from the central portion of the yard where it was doing some pooling. A few other changes in the yard were done as well to keep water from affecting the yard itself so much was done too. I have been pretty dry all summer, even during the rain we had when I thought I'd never see the sun again. Been running the dehumidifier and everything is dry as a bone. I was at someone's house that had one of the basement systems I mentioned in my post, and the sump pump for it was so loud I couldn't believe it. Are they all that loud? Can't imagine having to listen to that thing constantly. I'm still up in the air about the interior drain though.

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Elana, (or anyone) - I don't know if you'll see this as a lot of time has gone by, but I have a huge water problem in my basement (I have posted on the Old House forum). What type of contractor do you look for to do grading and installing perimeter drains? I don't know where to begin, to get proposals of what to do to help minimize the water. Also - I need another sump hole dug and better sumps installed (i buy pumps at HD and just throw another pump in hole when it burns out, plus i use a skimmer type pump that doesn't need a hole. I really need to replace this with a heavier duty pump in a hole). What type of contractor will do this? I live in MA. thanks

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A good landscaper should be able to do the grading & perimeter drains

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hmmm! I just moved into a house, 2600sq.ft. Colonial 15 years old. I live in Syracuse NY which has had one of THEWETTEST Summers and Falls I can recall.My basement had a System put in from B-Dry Basements (natioanl chain I believe) When owners built the home they soon discovered water problem in about 2 years. Paud something around $12K to put in this system, which included out side draing and proper draining of Gutters. It also included piping in the basement flor tied into the Sump pumps, 2 of them. My basement is dry as can be, even with all the rain. The only thing I don't like is that you see the concrete color difference, thus where the piping was put in (It must have been a mess) and the concrete is a thinner layer. All in all though, I plan on finishing off 1/2 the basement, it's that dry. Knowing my luck though, when I do it will leak. The system is guarranteed.

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We used B-Dry in NH on a disgusting basement which was always wet due to groundwater seepage. It has worked perfectly. We also tied a dehumidifier into the sump pump drain and I think the basement is now the driest room in the house. If your basement is finished and you lose power in a storm you should probably have your system tied into a battery or generator backup.

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