Moving to an apt.

sugar_flOctober 29, 2005

In the next couple of weeks I will be moving into a large apt complex (100 apts)

I hope I don't run into the problems I read on here.

I have been there several times & everyone seems very nice.

It is run by the church I go to but everyone is not a member but quite a few are. It seems to be very sound proof & I don't think I'll have problems with that. I will be living on a university campus so I can eat in the cafeteria if I wish,, walking distance of many stores & a bank. Will have too many places to eat LOL.

One problem I forsee is storage. It has a lot of storage space but I have lots to store. Just puter stuff alone will take up quite a bit. The apts are pretty small but if 99 other people can do it so can I.

I live out in the country now & don't drive so looking forward being close to things.

I never dreamed I had so much stuff & having to get rid of a lot of it. I could sure use some advice from others who are in small apts. It is 515 square FT. My computer will take up quite a bit of space but I have to have that LOL

I like having people around so think I'll enjoy living there.

I will have great places to walk & I sure need to walk. Here on the farm the ground is so unlevel I'm afraid to & also have too many cats that like to get in the way & afraid they will trip me. The cats (3) are staying on the farm & my next door neighbow.. my only neighbor is taking them. I am glad they won;t have to be uprooted. The houses are less than 20 ft apart so they will still be at home.

My daughter has given me a LOT of Yankee candles so will have to find a place to store them. It is taking me forever to clear out what I don't want & get packed.

I sure hope I am as excited about this move later as I am now.

I can sure use advice & sugestions from others.

I wrote about this move sometime ago & it has finally come to be.


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I'm glad to hear that you're so excited about your move! I definately learned to stream line my things when hubby and I got married and moved into an apartment.

Definately make use of your under the bed space. I keep a lot of my craft items under there in rubber maid totes designed for under the bed and it works well. Labeling has really worked well for me too. The closets in both apartments that we've lived in have had a shelf above the clothing bar and if you peek up in there, generally there's quite a bit of space that goes up into the closet that's not visible looking at it straight on. I bought a pack of those wire mesh squares that you can clip together to form boxes and placed a row of those on the shelf so that you have compartments to place things in on that shelf AND basically another shelf on top of those that you can store rarely used things (out of season clothes, blankets in the summer time, holiday items, etc).

I think that's about all I can think of for now. Just really ask yourself what is worth keeping and how much you really use items. And do the same from now on when you buy something new. Where are you going to put it and how much do you really need it or will you use it?

Good luck! I hope your move goes well!

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I bought smaller size furniture when I lived in an apartment. Instead of the traditional large size couch that takes up the living room, I had two loveseats that fit better.

When dh and I first got married, our kitchen was really small. I used a large chest/dresser to hold the extra dishes. The coat closet was turned into a pantry. I hung metal shelves on the doors for canned goods and got stackable wire shelves for other foods. We only needed two places to eat at the table so the rest of the space under the table was used for storage. For some weird reason, We had more bathroom storage than kitchen storage. We stuck everything in the bathroom storage (like out of season clothes) that we could.

If it's just going to be you in the apartment, you might even consider having a computer desk and associated equpment instead of a dining room table.

DH and I both had various floods in our apartments when we were dating (neighbors upstairs left water turned on, hose broke on washing machine, water heater went out). I strongly recommend renter's insurance. If you do decide to use underbed storage, use waterproof bins.

Good luck with your move.

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Just because someone gave you something doesn't mean you have to keep it if you don't use/enjoy it. I'm thinking of all those Yankee candles you mentioned. If you actually use them, then great, they are worth the storage space. But it might be good to gently let your daughter know you don't have room for more.

My mother lives in a studio apartment in a building run by several churches. All of the tenants have to be over 50, I think. She absolutely loves it. I hope you do, too.


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I am still clearing out unwanted & not much used items. I think I will be ready though as once I get out these things the rest won't be difficult to pack.
My clothes will be the next hardest thing to do. I have several sizes..

My daughter won't be sending anymore candles but I will store what I have. They will go under my bed. I use them almost everyday. I did read on the net about the soot they put off so won't burn more than 1 at a time now. I do love my candles. I already know I am allowed to burn them there. I have the tarts U use an electric burner that I can use & no soot. When I visit VA I will have to stop her from buying me more. I may need some of the tarts though.

I think U have to be 60 to get in these apt (not sure). I looked up Studio Apartment. It said it is usually 350 - 425 square ft & mine is 515 square ft with separate rooms..1 bedroom.

I sold almost $1000 so I am buying me a new chair for my living room.. mine is a overstuffed recliner.. it has to go.
I already have a love seat for a sofa. It is kinda overstuffed but hope I can make out with it. I really don't want to put the money out for a new one when this one is in very good shape. I also will buy a new end table with a door if I can find one. That will be good storage space. I have an extra chest of drawers that I'm sure I'll use for storage. It will be a good place for computer stuff.
I have a very long kitchen table now & it won't go. I was my husbands late wifes & her daughter wants it.. fine with me as it is way to big. I will start off with a card table with a pretty cloth on it. I will wait till I find one like I really want before I buy. I am getting rid of my old dishes which was also his late wifes.. I want some of my own & only a set for 4. I'm trying to leave a lot of the past behind. We had a good marriage but was too short.. only 4 years. My 1st marriage was not to good & it lasted too long.. 38 years.

I like to make ear rings but only allowed myself 1 tall container with the best beads. The rest has to go. If I use most of these I can always get more.

I really think it is a good move for me to get off this farm & go where I won't have to bum rides everywhere.. Sure I will need rides some but not everywhere I want to go. At least they have taxies there & give seniors a big break.
Thanks for the answers & tips.. I can use all the info I can get :o)

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It sounds like your candles are definitely worth the trouble! I think the key is to keep only what you love. Don't waste any precious space on anything else. A card table with a pretty cloth is perfectly serviceable with the added bonus that you don't have to worry about a ring from a wet glass.

Earring making sounds like a good small-space hobby. Don't limit yourself too much on those pretty beads! My mother makes dollhouses in her little apartment! Of course, she is THE EXPERT in fitting a lot in a small space.

If you haven't already, check out the Organizing the Home forum here. Talley_Sue has lots of good ideas for small spaces. She and my mom would be a killer team. :)

I think your move will be exciting. You will probably make lots of new friends and have ample opportunity for fun. Keep us up on the details!


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