treasure chest

someone2010March 11, 2010

here's a picture of a 3ft high chest that I made. Towards the back is a Porter Cable 1/4 sheet palm sander, the old style. They still make these and they are one of the best tools you can have for touching up, repair work or finish sanding. I wanted the chest to be shaped like a treasure chest you would see in a Disney cartoon. I had to figure out how to make the top. I steam bent thin pieces of wood over a iron pipe and clamped them to a form like to old guys used to do. The finish is Deft lacquer.

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It's beautiful....and a future antique for sure.
What will you keep in it?

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Wonderful piece! Enjoy it! Looks like the top opens up & the front comes down. Might be a real treasure in a woman's sewing room to keep supplies in.

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That is correct. The top opens and the front comes down and has two drawers. This is a prototype I gave to my grandkids for a toy chest. I'm making another that will be a little different. I have a print of Birth of Venus, on canvas and I've been thinking about putting that on the top. Or maybe a flying fish and seaweed inlay. The reason I made this is, you could see Queen Ann serpentine chest of drawers made by many makers, professional and amateur, some better than mine. But you would be hard pressed to find something like the treasure chest. I want to make a couple more to fine tune it. The next one the top half will open like this one and below all drawers. One could use it for sewing, like sunnyca said, or
cd's, or a tool box. or for silverware. I really appreciate your indulgence and your comments. Nice people inhabit the Antique Forum. Thank you.

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That is a lovely piece! Is this a well tuned hobby or is this your profession? Either way, I'm enjoying it!

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Impressive - I'm envious!

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Think about making one and lining it with silver cloth to be used for storage of silver hollow ware and flat ware in the drawers.
I'd love to have one!

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I've been doing this for many years. Guess you could call it a hobby gone bad. I'm retired from a regular job but I went to furniture making classes in 1970 and after that I always did woodwork. Never tried to do it as a business because you have to have a shop where people have the money and see something they like and don't care how much it costs. I have made some money refinishing kitchen cabinets or making cabinets that someone wanted that they couldn't get at a retail cabinet shop. But the times when they asked me to do their whole house, I declined. I also, on occasion have had the opportunity to repair some fine antiques and learned a lot doing that. I remember when a lady brought me some inexpensive chairs that needed major repair. I thought I was being nice so I told her that her she would be better off just getting new chairs. Never ever say that. Any way, these posts are intresting for me and I get some good ideas. Thank you.

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What a marvelous piece! Your grandkids and great-great grandkids will treasure it-I know, my g-g-grandfather was a Pennsylvania cabinet maker and I have a dough trough and corner cupboard he made. Sister has desk with secret compartment and a bed. They are the only pieces I own that I would never sell because he made them. I am sure yours will feel the same. Oh, btw, I think it is perfect as is without ornamentation!

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