What do you think of these speed ovens?

renov8rJanuary 21, 2014

I have been hoping to buy an advantium 240 speed oven. Because it does not fit under the counter, I am now looking at these other speed ovens: bertazzoni, jennair and miele. What do you think of these others? I would love to hear from anyone who has one of these speed ovens in their kitchens?

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Miele is the best, most versatile, and most expensive. It is a real oven, not a glorified microwave.

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Ditto xedos.... have it, love it, use multiple times a day!!!!!!

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I'm considering the Miele. Does it toast? I'd love to get my toaster off the counter!

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There's also the Smeg SU45MCX. 240v/20a, can be installed under a countertop, combines microwaves, heated convection, and a top broil/grill element. Have never seen or used one.

Here is a link that might be useful: Smeg Speed Oven

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Roey 736

I dont use it for toasting...we keep a 2 slicer in cab....plus toaster is faster...

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I was recently posting about a similar topic in the Kitchen forum and finished up with my decision today! I have a similar situation in wanting an undercounter installation. I was originally looking at the advantium 120v but once I understood the lack of power and functional limitations, I started researching others. The Miele by far would be my first choice for overall performance and function. But it is also very expensive and only 24". I am not sure if you have checked out the Electrolux Icon speed oven, but it's 30" and significantly cheaper than the Miele. I didn't find enough information to push me toward the Jenn-Air although the price was comparable to the Electrolux.

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Thanks everyone for your replies. Spartan, I was looking today at the Electrolux - didn't realize it could go under counter. It is quite a bit cheaper than the miele according to my research. Don't have an electrolux dealer where I live, but will check it out further. Does anyone else know anything about this speed oven.
Xedos, why do you say only meile is a real oven compared to other speed ovens?
Lee, I will check out the smeg. Never heard of that make. I wonder if i can find it in Canada?

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I've had the Electrolux Speed Oven for over 7 years now.
It is NOT a "Glorified Microwave"!!!!!

I use it for baking, convection baking, speed cooking, toasting, grilling~~ anything my large oven can do, except broiling!
I use the speed cooking to reheat poultry and fish dishes well as French fries,as I've found this is the best way to reheat these kind of dishes, ~~~they don't come out all soggie as they would if you just microwaved these to reheat them.
I also use it to make toast, (I use the grill function for toast), It works great alto you do need to flip the toast.

Let's look at the differences between the Miele and the Elux.

The biggest difference between the Elux and the Miele, (other than price), is that the Miele has a broiling element, while the Elux does not. (There is a slotted cover over the top heating element in the Elux).

The Electrolux uses a rotating tray, while the Miele does not.

The Miele is "slightly larger" inside, but no 30" inch external size available, while the Electrolux does offer the 30" and that is what I have.

The Electrolux is easier to operate, unless one pays for the "Budget Busting Price" for the Master Chef version of the Miele Speed Oven.
(See the great potato race on Utube to see what steps are required to Speed cook a potato).

On the Elux, you just chose baked potatoes, chose how many and the speed oven does the rest~~~~~it auto sets the preheat, sets the temp, sets the time, sets the ratio of microwaving versus convection heating, and microwave power. (Speed cooking is a combo of microwave and convection heating).
The Elux speed oven even tells you when to put the potatoes in, (it beeps when preheat is done---Just like a "Real Oven"!
With the Miele, (without the Master Chef option), you have to enter all these parameters yourself and it will probably be "Hit & miss" the first time or two!

You can choose from many different types of food, Poultry, fish, beef, casseroles~~etc, Just select the item from the Menu and it "Perfectly cooks" it!, and the display gives you "Step by Step Instructions", as to what to do next.
(IE "Leave food out of oven, preheating",
"preheat over, insert potatoes in oven", etc).
It even has 134 recipes stored in its software, with step by step instructions for the recipe on its display readout.

The Electrolux is also easier to operate as a microwave.
Just enter the time and push "Start". No 30 second intervals and "what button/buttons" do I press to get it to microwave mode ~a la Miele.

So to "Sum things up", My Elux oven operates just like my regular Elux oven, many of the controls are the ~~~~preheat, convection, etc but unlike my regular Elux oven, It will speed cook, and it will microwave but~~~~it will not "Broil"~~~~No biggie to me as I prefer to broil outside alto we can use the regular oven for broiling, (should the need arise).

Our speed oven has been trouble free for over 7 years now, and we love it's versatility and it is in a "Real Race" with our Electrolux Induction Cooktop as to what is our favorite and most used appliance.

I am "Sorely Tempted" to come out with some "Off Colour Remark" to "Match" Xedos "Glorified Microwave"~~~~bit I am "Mellowing out" in my old age~~~~So I guess we will give him a "Freebie" with that comment!



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Dodge - Does the Electrolux Speed oven fit under the counter? I read somewhere that it is not supposed to go under the counter? Or am I mistaken? I want it to go in the island, and I don't have room for a wall oven.

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I have confirmed with Electrolux that the icon 30" speed oven is approved for undercounter install. It also states this on the installation / user guide. I had the exact same concern and wanted to verify so I called Electrolux directly.

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Thanks spartans99. Let me know how you like it. I am close to making my decision.

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Well you got the answer to below counter Elux Speed oven installation.

My regular Elux oven is mounted below counter. Two things that really makes such an installation nice and handy with the Elux oven, is the very large display with big function buttons, (easily seen without a lotta stooping), & the large viewing window and well lit interior.

The Elux speed oven uses this same large display with the same control buttons, so it too should be ideal for under counter use. This display that actually tells you "Step by step" what to do, (which button to press, Leave the food out till preheat is over~~~~Preheat over install food in oven) ~~~~as well as the recipes are read out on a nice sized white display~~~again making it handy for under counter use.

What many of us here recommend is downloading the Operator's manuals for any speed ovens, (or for that matter), any appliances you may be considering.
See if the "Operating steps" (as seen in the Op Manual) seem "Intuitive" to you.
Myself, I don't like to have to drag out an operating manual in order to do "this or that" & in the 7 years I've had it, I have not had to refer to the Operating manual to use it.
I did read the Operating Manual before it was installed, as everybody "Should", with any appliance.

Alto I am and Electronic Engineer, I'm sure I would hafta keep the Miele Speed Oven Operator's manual in a handy place, I'm sure I would end up in "NewFoundLand" trying to sort out that master chef program without a manual~~~
"To Me", the Masterchef program is NOT "Intuitive".

Good luck on your pending choices!!!


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Spartan and Dodge - After due diligence, I have read on the electrolux speed oven manual on the internet that it is NOT approved for under the counter installation. Any comment on that?

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I will drag out my Manual and see what it says.
I don't think there have been many changes to the Elux
Speed Oven, since I've bought it.

Interesting that "Straight from the Horses's Mouth",

("I have confirmed with Electrolux that the icon 30" speed oven is approved for undercounter install. It also states this on the installation / user guide. I had the exact same concern and wanted to verify so I called Electrolux directly)

It's possible Electrolux made changes in some of their later manuals.


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I have Miele Master chef and so far I am so glad I bought it.
to the comment that it doesn't have a 30 sec. quick microwave button - that is wrong. You can quickley micro wave at 30 sec blasts easily - the button is right on the panel without having to go through a whole bunch of steps.

I don't have a broiler in my range so having a microwave, broiler and a choice between using oven and convection oven with the miele is ...well, Boss.

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gary- may just be debating semantics here but if it doesn't have a broil element and it has a rotating tray - then it is a "glorified microwave".

do real ovens have a rotating platter ? didn't think think so.

do they have a broil element ? thought so.

do they have a bottom element? of course

this stuff = real oven to me. It's fine if you think the definition is something else though.

the mieles use a complex assembly to distribute the microwaves so a turntable is not necessary. This also allows for a bottom element (like a real oven) and arguable a more flexible rack arrangement.

The entry level miele is only 200 bucks more than the electrolux. The only real difference is the cheaper miele has knobs instead of the LCD menu controls. Some think the knobs are easier and simpler to use, others not.

don't let the 30" vs. 24" fool you either. All of these speed ovens have basically the same sized interior. The main difference is that 30" models have a trim kit built into them, while you have to purchase that on the mieles. If you need or even want one ! 24" is a lot easier to design with especially in an island.

I'm not knocking the Elux units, they have a sturdy platform and good looks too. There is a reason some appliances cost more than others, and it always, always starts with the FEATURES. Now, the end user may not value, need, or even want said features - and this is what makes the marketplace great. There is something for everyone.

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Well, seems there is some improper documentation floating around and extremely poor Electrolux customer service!!! I went to purchase the speed oven this week and the salesman at the appliance store called Electrolux so we could triple confirm that this could be installed under counter. Elux Customer Service now is stating that the appliance dealer either had an older version of the manual (not sure why it was previously approved for under counter and isn't any longer) or it was not the right manual for that product. Also, they aren't sure why the last person we spoke with gave us bad information. VERY UPSET to say the least.

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I bet Gary can fix it fir you.

But on a serious note, appliance spec change often and it takes a while for the new info to get into the sales chain and even longer for all the sales weasels to assimilate the info.

Happens to all brands.

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After all this dreaming, we have decided to forego the speed oven. I'm not particularly happy, but my GE oven does have a small second oven, and I will buy a basic microwave for the island. I appreciate everyone's thoughts.
What have you decided to do spartan?

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One vote Miele here.
Side note to revov8r - GE makes me grumpy, been very dissappointed with their kitchen appliances. Is this what you were referring to?

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