noise levels less on a third floor?

wattsfanOctober 3, 2005


Question. Moving to an apartment. Three story building.

Move to a 2nd or 3rd floor? Which will have less noise?

Currently, live on the 2nd floor and we hear upstairs neighbors who walk very heavily. And we hear stereos/tvs through our walls (low sound insulation) coming from up and below.

We won't move to a 2nd floor again, but will the 3rd floor be any quieter, aside from not having people upstairs.

These apartments don't share side walls, just ceiling/floors.

I am concerned that if the neighbors below us (2nd and 1st floors) have surroundsound systems, their noise will travek up to our unit. The walls are thin here.

The building where we are at, the walls are like woofers where if you put your ear to the wall, you hear noise and there is a loud echo in this place.

Your thoughts would be appreciated.

I guess, is the third or highest floor usually the quietest, traditionally or am I just being hopeful.



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The top floor is the quietest because you don't hear people walking above you, running water, vacuming or anything else.

Depending on the construction of the building you might always here some noise from the downstairs neighbor.

"The building where we are at, the walls are like woofers where if you put your ear to the wall, you hear noise and there is a loud echo in this place."

I would suggest you take the third floor and stop putting your ear to the wall looking for noises you neighbors make.

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I agree that living on the upper floor is less noisy. But some of us can't do that. I live on the first floor underneath a herd of elephants that like to take daily marches back and forth across the living room. When they first moved in I gave them time to settle in and didn't approach them for a week. I have been upstairs 4 times since and complained to management to no avail. Today was the last straw when a picture fell off the wall and broke. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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