Rocker : ID & Care ?

DLM2000March 24, 2011

I bought this rocker many years ago - probably 20 - at a garage sale. Loved the lines then, still do. Haven't a clue what it is, how old, the wood, etc. Over the years I've done nothing more than dust it and wonder if there's anything I can do to perk it up a bit. Clean with mineral spirits (after checking underneath to see what happens?) then wax, perhaps? There are no markings on it that I can find. Do you think it's an American piece? I am clueless about where to begin looking for info - googling "rocker" isn't likely to get me anywhere!

Any information is appreciated, as always. And as usual, I err on the side of too many pictures rather than too few!


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Can't tell you much but the look of the backrest is familiar to me. My aunt had a dining room buffet that had that same pattern in the wood. That was back in early 1950's & was old then. I love the rocker,looks very well made & comfortable!

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Thanks, sunnyca - it's a favorite piece of mine. It's very comfortable, until I lean my head back - the decorative cut out part hits me in the wrong place!

Hoping one of the furniture and/or wood gurus can give me some info.

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The wood is quarter sawn oak, with a mahogany stain.
I can't put a name on the style....but based on the mahogany stain on oak and something about the look of the angle,rake, of the legs I might guess 1910 to 1920.
What do you mean "perk it up"...looks fine to me. But you can do no harm cleaning with mineral spirits and giving it a good coat of paste wax

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Thanks, Linda - I would not have guessed oak. Do you think it's an American piece? I always think of it as English but that's not based on anything, just a feeling. It probably doesn't show in the pictures but the finish, whatever it is, is quite worn. There are places that have a slightly hazy, dull look. As long as it won't hurt it, I'd just like to clean it up a bit and give it a bit of a glow, nothing dramatic.

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It could possibly be mahogany veneer....I can't see well enough to see the openness of the grain.
Perhaps it has been cleaned with something like "orange-glo" which will haze old finishes.
Try cleaning with mineral spirits.

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