How long in an apartment?

nflliferSeptember 14, 2006

How long do most tenants stay in their apartment?

Avg in my city is about 3 years. (this is throwing out the long term)

I have one lady who has been in her apartment for 30+ years. Two other ladies who have been ther 23 years and 25 years! Most leases are around a year but very few move out after a year.

Also typical in my city is a one year lease that goes month to month.

The three ladies that have been there so long don't even have leases or deposits. Everything was verbal back then.

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I rented one place for four years, then another for six years. In our fair city, dominated by students, the leases tend to be shorter. A year, perhaps two at the most.

My brother has been in the same complex for almost seven years now. He actually got a rent reduction this year! How odd is that?

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I've stayed in most of the apartments I've lived in for a year. One apartment we stayed in for 2 years, and our current apartment we have lived in for 4 1/2, and are looking at probably a total of 6 or 7 years before we can get a house and get out. I hate that, cuz I feel like we are throwing so much money away on rent, but we just can't afford a house right now. It's a little better now that the neighbor who threatened to hurt my husband has moved out, but we would still desperately love to have our own house.

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NYC skews really long. I've stayed 4 or 5 years, but there are many people who, once settled in, stay 15 or longer. The cost of trying to find a new place to live, and the difficulty of it, discourage people.

And of course, it ain't easy to buy here, either, so lots of people stay in rental apartments.

(and I bet we have one of the largest stocks of owner apartments, too)

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i have always rented apartments, since i was 18 years old.

my 1st apt; i lived in about 6 months
2nd one; about 2 years
3rd; only a year
4th; for 4 years

current apartment; i've (we) have lived here for about 7 years. now my husband & i are moving again, in next few weeks.

we will probably be in the next apartment for a few years until we are pregnant & need to move again. hopefully that will be it for a while.

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