We Finally Have Our Apartment

patti43September 27, 2006

I wrote last spring about our selling our home and moving to a larger town and into an apartment. Well, we put our house on the market in July and sold it the first of August. It went much quicker than we expected and had to find a place to live pretty quickly. We had already looked and had narrowed it down to two apts. We didn't get our first choice but now we feel we got the best one.

All the apartments are one-story with garage, laundry room, nice kitchen with all appliances, living/dining area and two bedrooms, each with it's own private bath and walk-in closet and a nice screened porch with extra storage area.

We barely hear anything on either side of us and have never heard them talking. It's great! We were just going to rent a year and then buy a house, but it sure is nice not to have the yard work and upkeep.

We were in the mountains (No. Georgia) when the house sold so had to quickly pack and head home to sign the contract, lease the apt., pack up everything we've stored for many years and move. I don't recommend moving--too many things to change. I was on the phone two days changing insurances, retirements, banks, utilities, etc. We're very happy, though, now that it's over.

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My guess is you mean townhouse or condo. An apartment is someone else owns it and you pay rent.

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Thanks, gammyt. Yes, it's an apartment. We did look at some condos that were exactly the same inside and out, but everyone here just rents. They told us they have no plans to go condo, but you never know.

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