Basement seepage

smitty5952May 21, 2008

I get water seepage in the corner of my basemnt when it rains. When the ground is saturated this seepage may continue a day or two after the rain stops. The area where the seepage occurs is where the floor and wall meet. There are basement steps here that are covered with a belco door. 3/4 of my basement is finished. Luckily where the leak is the basement is unfinished. I was considering putting hydrolic cement in the crack at the bottom of the basement steps to stop the water. What I'm concerned about is if I stop the seepage there the water will continue to come in somewhere else. Like maybe to the finished part of my basement? Does this make sense?

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No. The water is coming in because you have a low spot in the yard in that corner and/or the gutters are dumping the water in that area. You have to landscape that area so the water will run away from the house instead of seeping into the ground and then the basement.

This is a very easy fix and shouldn't cost anything if you can get some dirt from another part of the yard.

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