Flea's in Apartment

hughnewmanSeptember 27, 2007


I cat sitted for a friend about a week ago and now I have flea's in my apartment, I bought Fogger but I did not know if it was safe to set the fogger off in the apartment. Also should I un-plug the smoke detectors??



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For foggers yes unplug smoke dectectors. You don't need a fogger though. IF you have fleas the cat was short time visitor.

Vacume really good, throw the bag away even if it isn't full and walla. Without the cat there the fleas you might have missed with the vacume will die in a week.

IF you use the fogger, take all food out of the house. If you have kids take their toys out of the house too. If you don't move them out plan on washing all dishes and everything that might touch food or anything a child might put in their mouth.

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Fleas won't just get bored and die. You have to kill them.

You do not have to use a fogger. You can use sprays. Foggers can be dangerous to use. Make sure you use one with an IGR. I recommend Precor. You want something that will kill fleas at all stages of their life cycle. You can order sprays online or get them through a vet. I do not recommend the stuff sold in the stores. In the beginning you must keep spraying on a regular schedule as eggs will be hatching. Vacuuming won't get all the eggs no matter how good of a job you do.

Do a search here, especially in the *Pet Forum* for advice on getting rid of fleas. There id lots and lots of good detailed advice. You must tackle the problem NOW before it gets out of hand. When you vacuum you do not have to throw the bag out every time. Just spray it with Precor.


Here is a link that might be useful: Flea Control

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