Found a charles dickens hand made scrooge plate

MeintoolMarch 21, 2011

i aquired this plate that was wrapped in bubble wrap i have no clue where it came from or how old it is, it appears to be ceramic but i could be wrong. it says christmas "Bah Humbug" on the front top edge of the plate, it is definitely handmade due to the edge of the plate being warped. the darker shadow colors in the picture are actually a redish/pinkish color, on the back is a few engravings that i can not make out the center of the plate is engraved by a large "P" and the outer edge of the center ring engraved with what i think says "Scrooge I Dickens collection by hope" if anyone could possibly chime in with a ltitle expertise and let me know if this is cheap walmart/christmas tree shop stuff or if it is old/valuable i would greatly appreciate it

i will try to upload an html photo if it doesnt work ill also attach a link



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Not hand made....not "old"....I will do a little research and see what I find.
What does the back look like?
But it's molded....I suppose it could be made by a hobbyist with a mold....

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the engravings on the back are very hard to see and almost completely worn away but like i said in the first post i think it says this " Scrooge I Dickens Collection By Hope" on the outer edge of the center ring and in the center of the ring it has a P stamp

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Have a friend who owns a shop where he sells pieces that customers can paint and then he fires the pieces for them. Not saying that is what you have, but there is a limited value for collector plates. Hang it up and enjoy it.

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