About vintage silverware marketing, branding, marks, etc?

Fori is not pleasedMarch 22, 2011

How often, in the 30s-40s I guess, did silver manufacturers sell their stuff under different names? Maybe as some sort of store promotion or something? For example, I was trying to add to a set of silver plate by National Silver Co., and except for some baby utensils, never found another piece. The replacement company lists there as being 2 pieces known to mankind in this pattern. But, I have found lots of pieces of the same pattern labeled "Caroline Silverplate". Apparently this "company" only made one pattern, but they sure made many different pieces (the knife blades didn't get a different stamp--they still are marked NSCO stainless). I've also seen a piece labeled "Spears" or something--like the old department store.

So, did these companies put out items under different names for different purposes? I doubt this was an upscale style, more of a grocery store freebie.

But I don't know. I barely remember Blue Chip Stamps! I'm curious.

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Many large department stores had items made for them with their store branding on them.

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