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rfhjrMay 13, 2012

I have a two story wooden farm hause built around 1900. The houses foundation is brick on clay soil. The crawl space is low 18-20 inches in most places. If I wanted to remove soil and make the crawl space deeper how far away from the foundation should I stay. I read somewhere for each 1 foot of depth you would need to move away from the foundation the same amount. For example if I wanted a crawl space 3 feet deep I would need to stay away from the fundation by 3 feet. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you

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That is a variation of the 1:1 rule of thumb for excavations. But it has nothing to do with your specific situation--soils, design and strength of existing footings, water seepage etc. Plus, what might work for a temporary excavation is not the same as for a permanent condition. Get a soils engineer to inspect and advise before you start.

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