Can anyone tell me more about this 2 foot tall table?

jlc102482March 28, 2012

This is the first of two questions I've got for the antique gurus here tonight:

I have a little antique table that has always stumped me. It's small, less than 2 feet high and barely 2 feet across. It's been painted black, but where the paint is chipped, you can see that the top is a pretty grained hardwood inlaid in a parquet fashion (4 triangles that form a square.)

Can anyone tell me what it might have been used for, given its small size and low height, and also an approximate age?



Shape of top:

Close up of parquet and grain:

Thanks in advance!

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Coffee/Tea Table?

By the way, your floor is beautiful.

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Thanks for the complement about the floors! We love them too, even though they make the cats slide around when they're trying to run. ;)

I was thinking something along the lines of tea table too, jem. Do you have any idea of its age? I am not familiar with this type of design at all.

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A tea table is tall...closer to 32 inches tall.
What you have is a side table...or a lamp table, likely dating about 1940 when such tables were popular.
Not sure how you can know it's a parquet top from just a few chips.....but I do think it's worth stripping and refinishing.
Linda c

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Thanks, Linda! I should have mentioned that you can see the inlay design of the wood through the paint. Actually, I'm not even sure it's paint because it's a little sheer and shiny. Either way, it will come off - eventually. This is one of those projects that I've been meaning to get to for a few years now...

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I also think, despite the fanciness, this is a 20th century piece. I would move it back a bit however, to as early as thirties. That's when you started to see the larger lamp tables with the fancy turnings and wood inlay tops showing up in catalogues and this is along the same vein.

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