Vent for crawl space????

DIY_GUY_419May 15, 2012

Hi everyone, I removed a bunch of shrubs infront of my house,and found this vent into my crawl space.

Any ideas what its for? Can water get in through it? Can I cover it up? Do insects crawl in?

Please help!

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Vented crawlspaces are one of the dumbest things to have, especially if you're in the US south.

I'd also leave a few inches more distance between the soil and the wood. Helps keep the termites at bay. At least, you'll be able to see their shelter tubes.

Gimme Shelter!

Photo: Brown Exterminating Co.

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Well I'm not in the south, im in Ohio.
What should I do with it? You think I should cover it up? What purpose does it serve?

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The vent serves no purpose other than to let in humid hot air during the summer, which then moves up into your living space. Seal it closed.

Here is a link that might be useful: New Light in Crawl Spaces

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