Crawl space access door

wormmaineaMay 4, 2006

I have a crawl space access "door" to the outside of a new addition to my home. It is about 18" high and about 30" wide. It is now convered by a piece of PT plywood that screws into PT 2x4. I access this space about quarterly, and I'm chewing by screwing into/out of it each time. I fear that the 2x4 which is nailed to the cement foundation won't lsat too long.

Any ideas on a way to have a functional access door-- can't mess up access height or width. Opening is about 4" off ground, and opens into a 4' high crawl space at the top.


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Install common strap hinges on the top or one side, then install a barrel bolt to hold it closed.

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Where can do you get a metal or plastic door that same size? My house addition being built & Mason left holes 24 x 30 & 20 X30 yet I can only find metal doors that are 24x 32.

Who makes these things in fiberglass or Aluminum that won't rust??? & insulated? Any ideas?

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