Waterproofing around foundation

alannapMay 12, 2009

Hi there,

At the back of our house, the ground slants slightly toward our house instead of away. To our knowledge, there have never been any leaks in the basement, but we want to take some preventative measures just in case.

We know that we should grade the land away from the house, but we don't want to undertake this. Two options we were thinking about:

1. Plant cedars -- they are thirsty and don't have big root systems

2. Put down interlocking/patio stones

Thoughts about these options or other suggestions welcome.



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I seriously doubt the cedars can absorb water sufficiently rapidly if you get a heavy rainstorm. Basement leaks won't happen from drizzle--they'll happen when you get several days of heavy rain (if they're going to happen) and the ground gets saturated several feet down.

Can you grade away from the house for a couple of feet, and then channel the water away that way?

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