Scary noises coming from...somewhere

anli222September 17, 2007

I live in a 24 apartment complex with neighbors above and neighbors below. It's not very soundproof at all, so I can hear the neighbors not only directly above and below, but also next door to those.

I'm not a big complainer about noise. I wear earplugs if the neighbors have a party or if their kids are playing and yelling. No problem. But this time... For several nights in a row now I've been hearing screaming, banging, and door slamming coming from upstairs. It sounds like someone could be getting hurt. I'm really worried. I know I should do something. But I have a few problems.

The first is, I don't know who to go to - the manager or the police. The second problem is, the noise only lasts for about ten minutes. If I call the police, they will show up when it has already stopped. The last problem is, I don't know where the noise is coming from. It could be coming from directly above, or it could be coming from above and to the north. I can't tell. If I'm going to complain about the neighbors, I need to know which ones I'm complaining about.

I would be grateful for any suggestions anyone has. Thanks.

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I would call (if I decided to do anything) the police, and explain what it is you're hearing, and then let them investigate which apt. it's likely coming from. It's not your job to do that, nor even your mgr's job. However, if people get drunk, start swinging, choose to remain in dangerous places, there isn't always a lot you can do, and probably shouldn't try unless someone asks you directly for help, or you actually see a problem occurring. It's amazing how loud and obnoxious some people can get when drinking, but it goes on all over and you're not going to solve it (alone anyhow) just because you happen to hear it going on. Only if you know for sure that children are affected should you make a big fuss, otherwise consider moving if you find it too hard to listen.

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