i need my roommate out

HalyWarriorSeptember 9, 2012

So heres the deal, I want my roommate out of the apartment. The only problem is he is on the lease. I already have someone that wants to move in in his place. I found the current roommate off craigslist because i was in dire need of a roommate. we moved in together about 5 months ago. Since then, he has payed rent on time every month, but has yet to pay me a dime for the bils (internet, water, electric) since we moved in. We agreed it would be split 50/50. I am completely willing to cut my losses on the money if there was just some way I could get him out, even though he is on the lease. is there?

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What have you done to get him to pay his share of the bills? Have you discussed him leaving? He might be willing to go if you just ask him.

Check your lease. There may be something in the lease about one renter leaving and the other remaining.

Google "yourstate landlord tenant laws" and see if there is any information there that might help you. The laws vary greatly from state to state, so you really need to check the laws in your area.

However, if he is paying the rent on time, there may be no legal solution for you. You may have to persuade him to leave. Or take him to Small Claims court to get him to pay his share of the utilities.

I've always managed to get some of the utility bills in my roommate's name. That way, some of the bills come to them, and they have a vested interest in seeing that they are paid.

But the first thing you need to do is talk to your roommate.

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I thought I'd come back to add--if there is a legal way to force a roommate whose name is on the lease out of the apartment, make sure that your roommate can't use that same way against you.

I think that pretty much in the eyes of the law, if both your names are on the lease and both of you pay the rent on time, you are equal. The utility bills don't factor into who gets to live in the apartment--that's purely between the roommates.

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Completely agree with Camlan, you can discuss with your roommate if he is willing to pay for the bills.

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I found this on another site

"10-Step Roommate Removal Plan"

1. Become the smelliest, rankest, sloppiest person to live with as possible.
2. Begin loud belching and farting.
3. Play annoying music, constantly, especially during roommate's naps; techno is good.
4. Invite loud people over all the time that are instructed to be rude to your roommate.
5. Fail to pick up 'anything' whatsoever.
6. Nag incessantly about 'everything,' and then be completely hypocritical about what you do.
7. Leave smelly food out.
8. Do NOT wash any dishes, and let them pile up (wash as you need them).
9. Keep the refrigerator as empty as possible.

  1. Wait.

This is genuinely the fastest way to chase off unwanted roommates. Repeat when necessary.

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ladybugg has really suggest you some really good things to make your roommate leave from the apartment. because I don't think that you will be able to get him off legally in your case

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Have you asked him to pay his share of the utilities? What does he say?
Can you go somewhere else for a long weekend and turn off the main water supply, gas supply, main breaker, or is he going to figure it out.

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HI there :)

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