Backup batter power units to keep sump pump running?

onward-upwardMay 10, 2008

I was wondering if anyone would recommend those APC backup battery powered units to keep a sump pump running for 1-3 hours. We often lose power for this amount of time and wanted to have this as a backup instead of a generator. Any other brands you recommend?

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You're talking about one of the battery back-ups like you'd use for a computer? Hmmm. I never saw one used for such an application but I suppose it would work. The question would be for how long.

Most people install a unit designed for such a purpose. They use a 12v pump driven by a marine type 12v battery.

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We had one at our last house. Like you we often lost power and after a few hours would get water in our basement.

I wish I could remember the name brand. It was specifically for sump pumps. It had a warning beep in case the system failed for any reason. It had a digital screen to let you know how long the electricity was off. It worked great.

When my dh gets home I'll ask him where he got it, how much he paid and what brand. He'll probably remember.

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Thanks! Looking forward to your suggestions.

Like I said, we usually lose power maybe 2-4 times year. never more than 3 hours at a stretch.

The DC area was wracked with a storm that dumped anywhere from 5-10 inches these past few days. I saw several traffic lights go out. Heard about trees falling on power lines. All this time, my pump was working non stop.

Just going through the worst case scenarios in case we lost power. 2-3 hours could cause some damage if my pump would have gone down.

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As long as your on city water, There is no need for back up electric.

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I agree - if on city water get a watered powered backup.

If on a well you could look at something like the basement watchdog backup system. Separate 12V powered pump with deep cycle battery/charger. That's what we have. Would work fine for what you are looking at.

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I would welcome a 3 hour power outage. We've been out since Sunday evening. Major tree damage has knocked out power all over the area.

We will be getting a water powered backup in the near future.

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